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This Pregnant Cat Was Sitting On A Rescuer’s Window Yearning For Shelter Until They Rescued Her

This Pregnant Cat Was Sitting On A Rescuer’s Window Yearning For Shelter Until They Rescued Her

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It’s amazing how there are people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to animals in need. Now, I’m going to tell you a story about one such person, who provided a safe space for a stray cat.

One day, a lovely stray cat appeared at the woman’s window. She seemed to like the place and just sat there quietly checking things out. 

cat sitting on the window
Credit: YouTube

In the following days, she continued to return, occasionally even dozing off on the windowsill. 

However, with cold weather approaching, this kind woman knew they had to do something. So, they decided to build a cozy little shelter outside to keep the cat warm.

The cat kept coming, and as time passed, she began to trust this person more and more. Every day, they would give her food, and she would even spend time with the house cat without any issues. 

cat eats food from bowl
Credit: YouTube

However, one frightening day, something happened! The rescuer saw the cat hiding in a tree. She was outside of the safe place when a dog started chasing her! 

That’s when the rescuer noticed the cat’s tummy looked a little bigger and they found out she was going to have kittens!

cat on the tree
Credit: YouTube

Ten days passed, and the cat had her babies right inside the cozy shelter. Their kind rescuer made sure to give her extra food to help her recover from giving birth. 

After a little while, she finally got to see the kittens up close. There were four of them, and each had their own special and adorable markings. They grew really quickly, and in just one week, they all opened their eyes! 

cat laying on the blanket
Credit: YouTube

They were so curious and loved to play, and sometimes they even tried to escape from their cozy shelter. But don’t worry, the rescuer would gently place them back with their mom.

After a while, the rescuer decided to improve their cozy home. They made it even larger and safer, allowing the kittens to enjoy their playtime without any worries.

tiny kittens on bunch
Credit: YouTube

At first, the mommy cat appeared a bit puzzled by the changes, but once she made sure her kittens were safe, she happily snuggled back in.

During the summer, the mommy cat took care of her kittens outside. She made sure to clean them, play with them, and teach them how to be on their own. 

However, there was a small problem. One of the white kittens had some gunk in its eyes, making it hard for them to open. 

The rescuer decided to observe for a bit, and guess what? The mommy cat licked the kitten’s eyes, and eventually, they opened wide!

tiny kittens on the blanket
Credit: YouTube

The little kittens kept growing and becoming stronger, especially the orange one who was always up for an adventure. Even though their mom cat must have been really tired, she continued to take excellent care of all four of her babies. 

They now have a better shelter and happily explore their small world. It’s clear that this cat family is doing really well, and I’m really happy to see that they’re doing okay.

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