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15 Rare Photos Of Freddie Mercury With His Beloved Cats

15 Rare Photos Of Freddie Mercury With His Beloved Cats

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The movie Bohemian Rhapsody came out in 2018, but even before its release, Freddie Mercury’s life was like an open book. However, beyond his musical fame and partying, he was a dedicated cat lover.

Freddie didn’t discriminate when it came to his furry companions; most were rescue cats, adopted from shelters or rescue centers. His devotion to them was akin to a parent’s love. 

He even dedicated his solo album “Mr. Bad Guy” to his cherished feline friend, Jerry, and their feline family.

Close friends and acquaintances of Freddie got to witness firsthand his unwavering commitment to his cats. He treated them as family, going above and beyond to ensure their well-being.

Do we really need more reasons to celebrate this legendary artist and his adoration for cats? Probably not. Here, we share 15 rare photos of Freddie with his beloved feline companions. Enjoy!
















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