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4 Reasons Why Cats Love To Scratch According To An Expert

4 Reasons Why Cats Love To Scratch According To An Expert

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I know dealing with your cat’s scratching habits can drive you up the wall, but there’s actually some logic behind it that just might surprise you.

Every cat owner knows the struggle of seeing their furniture shredded by their feline friends. However, there are ways to tackle this issue, like investing in an awesome cat scratching post. Usually that does the trick!

If you’re looking for more tips on protecting your furniture while keeping your cat happy, understanding the reasons behind this behavior is key.

Aside from the annoyance and expense of scratched-up furniture, Amanda Campion, a clinical animal behaviorist, sheds some light on the logic behind your cat’s scratching. Keep reading if you want the scoop!

#1 Cat’s Survival Instinct Is On Another Level

cat scratching couch

Amanda points out that in the wild, climbing trees is essential for cats’ survival. Scratching helps them maintain their claws, which are crucial for climbing. 

Unlike humans who trim their nails with a nail clipper, cats shed the outer layer of their claws through scratching, revealing a fresh claw underneath.

#2 Keep Those Muscles Healthy

cute cat scratching

Scratching isn’t just about claw care; it’s also a workout for your cat’s muscles. As they scratch, they also stretch and flex, which keeps their muscles toned and agile. 

If you’re keen on keeping your cat in tip-top shape, consider adding some cat-friendly exercises to their routine as well. 

#3 Scratching Releases Stress, Hmmm

ginger cat scratching

Scratching isn’t only a physical activity; it’s also a way for cats to alleviate stress. When they scratch, their brain releases endorphins, boosting their mood. 

If you notice your cat scratching more than usual and suspect your cat is anxious, it’s worth exploring ways to ease their stress and anxiety.

#4 They Gotta Mark Their Territory

domestic cat scratching

Scratching is also a form of territorial marking. By scratching different surfaces, cats leave behind scent markers from glands in their paws, signaling ownership to other felines.

There you have it, four simple reasons that make all that scratching behavior sound pretty logical, don’t you think? 

If you want to find effective ways to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture, be sure to explore these helpful tips.

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