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Reporter Struggles To Keep Calm During Live Interview As Her Cats Engage In Epic Battle Behind Her

Reporter Struggles To Keep Calm During Live Interview As Her Cats Engage In Epic Battle Behind Her

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If you’re a cat parent then you probably know that living with them is never boring. They basically never fail to make us laugh. However, the worst thing is that they have absolutely no concept of what is and isn’t appropriate, and here’s proof…

Journalist Doris Bigornia knows the struggle. She had to try to remain professional during her live TV interview, while her two cats were ferociously fighting behind her. 

Did Doris succeed in her mission? Well, it was all captured in the video below, so keep reading to find out and have a good laugh!

woman on a video interview
Credit: YouTube

Bigornia had to perform a series of reports from her home, but as we all know, hiding from our pet cats isn’t an easy thing to do. They always find a way to get all the attention.

Finally, Bigornia found the perfect spot for her report on live TV, thinking that her cats wouldn’t find her. She was definitely not prepared for what followed…

While Bigornia was doing the interview, her cats interrupted and started fighting in the background.

I’m not sure how she managed to stay calm, but I think it shows how professional she is. She continued the interview, despite the catfight behind her. 

woman live on news
Credit: YouTube

Later she couldn’t help glancing back a few times, but she still remained professional. 

Not only did Bigornia get through the interview, but she also got through the catfight like a pro. She definitely deserves some kind of reward, at least for becoming viral and making many cat paw-rents laugh. 

woman on news with cat in background
Credit: YouTube

What’s even better, she wasn’t mad at her sneaky little kitties for interrupting her interview; she had a good laugh about the incident along with all of us.

It’s hilarious and if you have a cat then you know it’s all part of cat parenting!

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