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Reputable Munchkin Cat Breeders In New Jersey

Reputable Munchkin Cat Breeders In New Jersey

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The Munchkin cat breed is one of the sweetest cats, probably because of their unusual appearance. It is also one of the rarest cat breeds so it can be hard to find Munchkins for sale.

I did a lot of research, but unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find any reputable Munchkin cat breeders in New Jersey, not even one.

Don’t worry, I’ve still got you covered! In this article, I list other places and sites where you can search for Munchkin kittens and cats in New Jersey and nearby!

You can try checking if there are any Munchkins available for adoption, or you can contact breeders from other states such as, New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Michigan, Oregon, Ohio, Minnesota, Maryland, Indiana, Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut, Alabama, etc.

Today, it’s not a big deal to purchase a kitten from a cattery in another state, because most breeders have shipping options, or delivery to the nearest airport using a pet nanny service.

So, considering that there are no Munchkin cat breeders in New Jersey, I suggest you read on and see where else you can look for your future feline friend!

Munchkin Kittens For Sale

Before buying a cat, every cat lover should do some research about the cat breed they are looking for so they know what to expect from their new pet.!

This is so important, especially if you’re considering a rare cat breed such as a Munchkin cat. So, if you plan to get one, then there are certain things you should know.

This cat breed has been recognized since the mid-1990s. The breed is characterized by its short legs due to genetic mutation.

Munchkin cats may have serious health issues affecting their spine, due to their short legs. This is the main reason why most experts are against breeding this cat breed.

A Munchkin cat breed is a small cat, characterized by short legs, big eyes, and different coat lengths such as long, mid, and short coats, with several different colors and patterns as well.

When it comes to their personality and behavior, the Munchkins are very sweet, friendly cats who tend to be very loyal to their owners.

Moreover, because of their easy going personality, they make perfect pets even for families who have other pets and children.

So, if you’re sure that you want a Munchkin kitten or a cat, then read on and find out where you can find a Munchkin in New Jersey!

Adopting Munchkin Kittens And Cats

Adoption is always a good choice and a good deed. If you’re having difficulties with finding a reputable Munchkin cat breeder, you can always check rescue centers or shelters and see if there’s anything available that you may like.

When you adopt a cat, you’re actually giving a poor, abandoned feline a new loving home and family. Animals don’t forget kindness! She’ll show it to you by loving you and being loyal always, trust me!

If you don’t know of any rescues near you, then check Petfinder or AdoptaPet and search for what you’re looking for.


Petfinder is a site that connects you with almost every animal shelter or rescue center in the United States. This makes it so much easier to find the cat breed that you’re looking for, and most importantly, you’re doing a good thing by adopting a pet.

They have different pets arriving all the time, so if you cannot find available kittens in New Jersey, try searching for Munchkin kittens on Petfinder and you might just get lucky!


This is probably the largest site that helps different rescue centers and animal shelters all around the United States.

They help over 20,000 rescues and centers to secure the perfect loving homes for their animals. By adopting, you may find a lot of mixed breeds, but it’s not uncommon to find a purebred pet there, such as a cat or even kittens.

It’s worth a look to see if there’s a Munchkin somewhere waiting for you! You never know what may happen!

Where Else To Look For A Munchkin Kitten?

As I haven’t managed to find an active Munchkin cat breeder, I have provided you with a few different sites where you might find Munchkin kittens for sale.

Such sites are:

Go Kitty

Cats Now

Hoobly Classifieds

AmericanListed Classifieds

All you have to do is make yourself comfortable, prepare a few notes, go to one of these sites, and type in the search terms that you are looking for.

While searching, you may find a lot of Munchkin kittens, but also Munchkin cats for sale with various different coat colors and patterns. Most importantly, you may find many kittens that are TICA and CFA registered and who come with a health guarantee.

Some kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes, which is usually when they’re 12 weeks old.

If you still want to buy a kitten from a reputable breeder, then you can check for Munchkin breeders in other states because many breeders offer different delivery options.

These options include shipping delivery or delivery to the nearest airport using a pet nanny service.

Learn More About Munchkin Cats!

If you’re getting yourself a Munchkin cat or kitten, you should know these interesting facts about this specific breed of cat.

This cat breed has only been recognized since the 1990s. They are characterized by their short legs and big eyes. They may appear in different coat colors and with patterns such as tabby, bicolor, calico, pointed, tortoiseshell, tuxedo, and even in Siamese.

They may also have different coat lengths (long hair, mid, and short hair). Their fur is easy to maintain; you should brush your Munchy at least once a week, in order to keep her coat in perfect condition.

Munchkin cats are very energetic and playful despite their short legs. They have an easy personality and are quick learners. This means they are very easy to train and socialize. It’s important to mention that they’re not talkative cats; they don’t meow a lot.

This cat breed holds the record for the shortest cat breed. Their legs are 3 inches shorter than those of an average-sized domestic cat.

There are some health issues that are characteristic for the Munchkin cat breed and these issues usually affect the cat’s spine due to their short legs. However, many breeders tend to breed Munchkins with other cat breeds in order to improve their overall health condition.

Such mixes include:

Napoleon/Minuet – a mix of a Munchkin and a Persian cat.

Genetta – a beautiful mix of a Munchkin and a Bengal cat; a lovely, calm cat with a beautiful look.

Kinkalow – a mix of a Munchkin cat and an American Curl.

Scottish Kilt – a Munchkin cat with folded ears.

Dwelf – a mix of a Minskin and an American Curl.

Bambino or Minskin – a mix of a Munchkin and a Sphynx cat.

Your Munchkin will be very devoted to their family. So, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy different activities with your Munchy friend!

Average Price Of A Munchkin Kitten

It’s hard to determine the average price of a Munchkin kitten when the price depends on so many factors such as the bloodline, type of ears, coat color, etc.

The price of a Munchkin kitten can range between $800 and $2000 or more. So, if you’re interested in getting an idea of prices, you can contact a few Munchkin breeders and ask for yourself.

Average Price Of A Munchkin Cat

As well as kittens, there are also Munchkin cats for sale. Some breeders are looking for a furrever home for their former breeding cats, therefore the average price of adult Munchkin cats is somewhat less than for the kittens.

Moreover, you can also check rescue centers or animal shelters if you’re looking for an adult Munchkin.


How Much Does A Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Cost?

A Scottish Fold Munchkin cat is very rare and its price depends on its traits. Therefore, a Scottish Fold Munchkin without traits may cost around $750, while the one with traits, which means it has folded ears and short legs, may cost as much as $3500.

Is It Cruel To Have A Munchkin Cat?

Some people, especially experts, are against breeding Munchkin cats because they consider it cruel. Munchkin cats are prone to various health issues due to their short legs, mostly affecting their spine.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Munchkin Cat?

Despite the health issues that are characteristic for this breed of cat, Munchkin cats still have quite a long lifespan of 12-14 years.

What Is The Average Weight Of Munchkin Cats?

As is normally the case, Munchkin male cats are somewhat bigger than the females. Therefore, the average weight of a male Munchkin is 6-9 pounds whereas the female Munchkin has an average weight of 4-8 pounds.

Are Munchkin Cats Good With Children?

Munchkin cats have an easygoing and friendly personality, and that makes them perfect pets for families with children or even other pets.

In Conclusion

In short, if you’re looking for Munchkin cat breeders in New Jersey, I’m here to help you as there are no active catteries in New Jersey that breed Munchkin kittens. However, there are a lot of other options.

If you still want a Munchkin kitten from a reputable breeder, the best thing to do would be to contact breeders from other states. Many breeders have available shipping or delivery to the nearest airport using a pet nanny service.

Besides that, you can also check the adoption sites listed in this article and see if there’s a Munchkin kitty waiting for you. Adoption is a good deed, and it saves you money!

If that doesn’t go successfully, then check out the sites that are listed in the article, where you can find any cat breed from any state.
Although there are no Munchkin breeders in New Jersey, I hope you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for via these sites. Good luck!

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