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Touching Rescue Mission Ends Up With A Soul-Crushing Discovery

Touching Rescue Mission Ends Up With A Soul-Crushing Discovery

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I’ve encountered many rescue stories and I’ve been a part of a few myself. However, the determination rescuers have to save our feline friends will forever amaze me. 

In today’s touching story, a woman noticed a cat living on the rooftop of her building. Unfortunately, every time she went up there, the cat vanished. 

The kind woman soon realized she was losing in this hide-and-seek game so she contacted the local rescue organization.

The Vanishing Cat

photo of rooftop
Credit: YouTube

The amazing team showed up, but they were unable to locate the cat on the rooftop. They couldn’t quite realize where she was hiding, even though the terrace was small, with only a few hiding spots.

One of the rescuers came up with an idea that proved to be more than helpful. The team placed cameras all around the rooftop and left out some food for the cat. They then proceeded to the woman’s apartment, patiently waiting for any movement.

cat's nose
Credit: YouTube

With their eyes fixed on the monitors, soon they were greeted with an adorable boop. The curious cat came out of her hiding place, quickly booped the camera, and then helped herself with some food.

The woman rushed upstairs, hoping to finally catch the stray cat. Yet again, the cat vanished before they could realize where she was hiding…

The rescuers decided to place more cameras to cover the entire rooftop area. With one camera placed directly in front of the food dish, they waited out again. 

plastic containers with food and water
Credit: YouTube

Shortly after, the cat emerged from behind a flower box, carefully sniffing any potential danger. This time around, the team decided to let her peacefully enjoy her food before they uncovered her hiding spot.

A Heartbreaking Secret

cat peeking from a hole in the wall
Credit: YouTube

Once the cat went back to her safe space, the rescuers went back up. They moved the flowerboxes and discovered a hole in the building wall. 

One of the rescuers peeked inside, however, the cat went into full attack mode. She hissed so aggressively, the man jumped right back!

He tried to sneak his camera inside the hole to learn more about her hiding place, however, even the camera wasn’t safe from her feisty paws. As one of the rescuers said in his video:

“This cat got some temper!”

The team left all the cameras to observe her, while they figured out another approach. Once they were gone, the cat came out again. She was peacefully grooming herself when all of a sudden she started meowing into the hole. 

Then she rushed inside and shortly after came out with a surprise. A tiny adorable kitten followed her closely!

two cats
Credit: YouTube

The cat brought him out so he could help himself to some delicious food, however, the rescuers noticed something soul-crushing.

The kitten couldn’t move his back legs! The poor thing was crawling around, only being able to move his front paws. 

injured cat eating
Credit: YouTube

The rescuers realized why the cat was so feisty at first. She was protecting her precious baby, making sure no one hurt him. 

However, this meant they needed a solution as soon as possible to save the poor kitten.

The Final Rescue Attempt

cat on the rooftop
Credit: YouTube

The rescue team noticed flies were constantly buzzing around the kitten’s back legs, meaning the injury was severely infected. They decided to bring a vet in immediately. 

The vet was patiently waiting for the rescuers to catch Mama Cat, so he could proceed to examine the kitten on sight. 

people holding a cat
Credit: YouTube

The team placed a cage and some food, and soon enough the cat mom found herself trapped. She started frantically meowing, scared for her kitten.

The tiny fuzzball emerged from the hiding hole, worried about his mom. One of the rescuers quickly scooped him up and handed him over to the vet.

However, the vet couldn’t figure out what caused his paralysis. He decided to rush them to his clinic, as an X-ray was necessary. 

cat's injured legs
Credit: YouTube

While the kitten was dragging his hind legs, it created open wounds which sadly became severely infected. The clinic staff proceeded to clean his injury. 

However, what they learned from the X-ray was truly heartbreaking. The vet assumed the poor kitten was hit by a car, which caused a spine injury that left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. 

scan of injured cat
Credit: YouTube

The vet assured the rescue team he’d be able to lead a perfectly normal life despite his paralysis. He gave them a round of flea and deworming treatment, and soon enough mama cat and the kitten were reunited. 

They remained in the hospital for some time before the staff found them a suitable foster home. 

If it weren’t for his mom the poor little kitten probably wouldn’t have survived this long. We can only assume why she decided to hide her baby on top of this building, however, she never thought about leaving her precious fuzzball behind!

cat and kitten lying
Credit: YouTube

I am truly moved by their bond and more than grateful for the amazing rescue team. These heroes spent days carefully observing the monitors to help a stray mama! Such a heartwarming rescue mission!

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