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Calico Cat Goes From Terrified To Thriving Once She Finds Out What True Love Is

Calico Cat Goes From Terrified To Thriving Once She Finds Out What True Love Is

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Bethany, a devoted cat lover and rescuer, shares an incredible transformation story about Lola, the calico kitty who stole her heart.

Lola’s journey began when she was just a kitten, discovered abandoned next to a garbage can in dire condition. 

Rescued from the streets, she spent a year and a half in foster care, enduring hardships until she found her way to Beth’s Furry Friends organization in Long Island.

close-up photo of calico cat
Credit: YouTube

Despite being in a safe environment, Lola faced challenges. The bones in her hind legs weren’t formed correctly, but she bravely managed to walk.

Additionally, vets discovered Lola also had eyelid agenesis. According to the Veterinary Vision Center, it is a condition where cats have abnormal or missing eyelids. 

If the part of the eyelid is missing, nearby hairs can rub the eye and cause discomfort and other potential eye issues such as ulcers. 

cat lying under book shelf
Credit: YouTube

Bethany was determined to give Lola the love and care she deserved, regardless of her condition. Though it wasn’t easy, with patience and love, they slowly helped Lola adjust. Bethany recalled:

“When we picked her up, her whole body was trembling. My mom and I laid on the floor and would hand feed her one piece of food at a time just to get her to eat.”

Bethany did everything possible to make Lola feel more comfortable, but the progress was extremely slow. She was constantly hiding under the furniture. But after a month, Lola finally began cooperating. 

calico cat looking through window
Credit: YouTube

She started coming to Bethany on her own, playing around the house, and exploring her new surroundings. 

It was as though she finally realized she had a forever home where she was safe. But, it took her around 8 months to come and snuggle in Bethany’s lap.

photo of cat climbing the stairs
Credit: YouTube

As Lola settled in, her personality blossomed. She found her voice and surprised the family with her soft and sweet meows and chirps. Bethany said:

“As she’s become more comfortable, she’s found her voice. She doesn’t meow, she chirps. She won’t stop chirping until she gets what she wants.”

Despite her weak hind legs, Lola moved around with no problems. Still, her new loving parents wanted to make it even easier for her to climb to the next floor by making her a ramp. 

cat sitting by the food bowl
Credit: YouTube

After realizing all she needed to climb up was the carpet, Bethany took the ramps down and put carpet treads on the stairs so that Lola had something to grip onto while climbing up. Bethany recalled:

“She goes down the stairs in a handstand. So, just using her front limbs and it’s incredible. I mean, she should get a gold medal.”

Moreover, Lola’s vision also improved. She had a procedure that got rid of the hair follicles to prevent them from causing discomfort and other issues.

photo of cat sitting on window sill
Credit: YouTube

Slowly, but surely, Lola transformed from a timid feline to the confident ruler of the household. Bethany explained:

“My husband and I have been rescuing cats since before we were married. She’s in a household where there’s constantly rotating cats, and she will tell them who’s boss.”

Stories like Lola’s truly warm my heart. They show us how our help, patience, and love, can help someone become a better version of themselves.

Lola came to Bethany as a terrified feline, and thanks to her loving family, she blossomed into a gorgeous calico cat who quickly became the boss of the house!

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