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Senior Torbie Cat Gets Her Only Wish Fulfilled And Her Once Sad Eyes Finally Sparkle With Joy

Senior Torbie Cat Gets Her Only Wish Fulfilled And Her Once Sad Eyes Finally Sparkle With Joy

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Abandoned cats have one wish only – to have a loving home and a family to adore, but not every cat is lucky enough to live its dream.

Thankfully, this 8-year-old torbie cat with the saddest eyes you’ll ever see finally has her dream come true.

cat with sad eyes

The cat named Simba was found wandering the streets, lost and in desperate need of help.

Simba was rescued from the street, which was a huge step toward her dreams coming true. She was brought to Cat Haven WA, where everyone noticed how shy she was. 

sad cat

That wasn’t a huge surprise considering she came from the streets. Simba spent most of her time hiding in a litter box, trying to make herself invisible. The staff said:

“She came to us as a stray, but she had a microchip. We couldn’t get in touch with the owners.”

Simba kept hiding and being confused that no one really knew if she was abandoned or if she just got lost. Sadly, nobody came to pick this sad-eyed girl up.

sad cat in box

Seeing the misfortune of this poor kitty, one of the foster volunteers decided to help. The volunteer took the sweet torbie cat home, hoping she’d come out of her shell and start trusting people.

That wasn’t really easy because it took a while for Simba to realize that she was safe in that home. But after some time, she started to love the new family and even showed them affection.

cat with sad green eyes

Finally, the day when Simba’s dreams came true arrived. It was when a family came across her story on social media. As soon as they saw her, the family knew Simba was just the cat they needed.

The staff from Cat Haven said:

“We are very pleased to say she has been adopted into a forever home. We hope that she can turn that frown upside down and be a happy girl from now on.”

cute sad cat

Later on, the family decided to rename her Molly, and they all quickly bonded with each other. Molly just couldn’t resist following her parents around the house, asking for cuddles, or even rubbing her face against them.

Even though Molly still has a sad-eyed look, she’s undeniably happy and definitely living her dream. 

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