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This Scared And Wounded Kitten Transformed Into A Gorgeous Fluffball

This Scared And Wounded Kitten Transformed Into A Gorgeous Fluffball

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I’ve witnessed countless rescue missions and the transformation stray cats undergo will forever amaze me. 

Today’s story is a true example of how a little love can change everything! 

One day a woman was walking her dog Buddy when she encountered something truly heartbreaking. A little white kitten was hiding in the nearby park, looking scared and sad.

white old cat
Source: Facebook

The woman slowly approached her, but the kitten was extremely timid. She immediately rushed to bring her some food, hoping it would help the kitten trust her.

The kind woman placed a can of tuna in front of the kitten, but the poor soul seemed uninterested. Her sad eyes reflected the harshness of street life and the woman knew she had to help. 

white old cat and food
Source: Facebook

She wrapped the kitten in her jacket and hurried to the emergency vet clinic. Sadly, the vet had to shave her fur since it was completely matted.

However, once the fur was completely shaved off, they realized how bad the kitten’s state was.

vet and old white cat
Source: Facebook

The poor soul had open wounds all over her body and her right ear was severely infected. The vet proceeded to clean her wounds and prescribed her some medication before releasing the kitten to her forever home.

white cat
Source: Facebook

The woman decided to adopt her, adorably naming her Elizabeth. Little Elizabeth was shy at first, hiding from her mom and her dog sibling Buddy. Her mom gave her all the space and time she needed to adjust to her new home. 

sweet white cat
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Buddy, the family dog, was super curious about his new sister. He was eager to play with her, however Elizabeth was still a bit nervous around him. It took her days before she even allowed her new mom to hold her!

white cat with blue eyes
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After a month in her new home, little Elizabeth became the most gorgeous cat I’ve ever seen. Her sad eyes became warm and her white fur grew back. 

Elizabeth is now a true definition of a fluffball! Although she is still a bit nervous around Buddy, cuddling and purring in her mom’s lap became her favorite pastime! Her personality shines through and Elizabeth is now a real cuddle bug!

white fluffy cat
Source: Facebook

She follows her mom everywhere, explores the house and even plays with Buddy. She went from a scared and sad kitten to a gorgeous lap cat, all because her mom gave her a second chance at life!

This heartwarming story proved to me how far a little bit of attention can go!

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