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This Giant Black Cat Was Unwanted For His Scary Look But Just See How He Proved Everyone Wrong

This Giant Black Cat Was Unwanted For His Scary Look But Just See How He Proved Everyone Wrong

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Allow me to introduce you to Hagrid, or as his adoring fans affectionately call him, ‘Haggy Bear’. This giant fluffy black cat, with an endearing snaggletooth, had a bit of a rocky start in the adoption department.

But as they say, sometimes you just need to find your perfect match to live your best life, and that’s exactly what happened to Hagrid.

Hagrid’s journey to a happily ever after wasn’t very easy. His story began in a rural shelter in Maryland, where he patiently waited for his forever home for a seemingly endless two years.

photo of a black cat
Credit: @pokeypotpie

Then, in a twist of fate, rescuers from Washington, D.C. noticed him and instantly fell in love. They were determined to bring him and a group of other kitties into their care. 

However, their good intentions almost hit a roadblock when another fosterer had plans to take him in first.

Sadly, they changed their minds because Hagrid was a giant cat. They feared that his intimidating appearance could scare other felines in the rescue. 

Even though his intimidating looks scared away some potential adopters, Hagrid proved to be the nicest cat ever who deserves better treatment.

Hagrid, The Best Foster Cat Ever

black cat
Credit: @pokeypotpie

Hagrid is a true example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. Even though his looks may be intimidating, Hagrid turned out to be the best foster cat. 

He became a temporary resident at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens in Washington, instantly falling in love with the resident kitties Pokey and Dora. The fosterer said:

“About 3 weeks into fostering him, Dora cozied up to him and asked for snuggles. She hadn’t done that with Pokey or any other foster since our last cat, Azzy, had passed away a year earlier. And that’s how we knew we had to adopt him.”

Besides his love life, Hagrid also proved to be a great foster dad to young kittens. He lavished care on them, watching over their every move to ensure their safety.

two cats lying together
Credit: @pokeypotpie

What’s even better is that kittens learned a lot from Hagrid as well. Young kittens usually learn “cat things” from adult felines. That’s a crucial part of their development and preparation for adoption. The rescuer said:

“Within two weeks of arriving, Dora was snuggling her sweet self into his shaggy fur and Pokey was happily playing with him. Hagrid also took to our foster kittens immediately and was clearly meant to stay forever.”

While many people seek to adopt cute young kittens, you should know that adopting a socialized adult cat has a lot of benefits. Such kitties already know how to behave and have developed personalities. Hagrid’s rescuer added:

“Hagrid is a WONDERFUL example of why it can be a really great idea to adopt an adult cat. When you adopt a kitten, you have no idea how their personality will change as they grow, but if you adopt an adult, their personality is already developed, and you know what you’re getting.”

three black cats on bed
Credit: @pokeypotpie

Although Hagrid’s rescuers initially intended to provide him temporary shelter, they soon fell head over heels for his wonderful personality. So, they decided to adopt him permanently and make him part of the faculty.

Hagrid was the first adult cat these kind-hearted people ever adopted, but they have zero regrets because he’s such a great cat.

To commemorate this special journey, they now celebrate the annual Haggaversary, a testament to the love and joy he’s brought into their lives.

Hagrid’s Happily Ever After

big cat lying on its back
Credit: @pokeypotpie

Today, Hagrid is living his best life with a family that adores and cherishes him. He’s still a great foster dad, taking care of many kittens, even those with certain health conditions, helping them go through different life challenges.

When he’s not fostering or cuddling with his feline buddies, he’s busy being the happiest biscuit-maker you’ll ever meet.

For a daily dose of Hagrid’s enchanting adventures, you can follow him on Instagram, and admire his beauty and the heartwarming work he does for others. He’s such a sweet furry soul!

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