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This Sphynx Kitten Was Deemed Scary And Unworthy By Many Until A Special Woman Came Along 

This Sphynx Kitten Was Deemed Scary And Unworthy By Many Until A Special Woman Came Along 

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Today, I want to share an inspiring story about Lucy, an adorable Sphynx kitten who has overcome numerous challenges since her birth. 

Unfortunately, Lucy was born with a rare neurological condition, causing some people to unfairly label her as scary and ugly. 

It’s hard to believe, but kittens like Lucy are often euthanized. Lucy nearly faced the same fate, but thankfully, a compassionate woman gave her a second chance at a life filled with love and attention.

Lucy was born with a condition called hydrocephalus. According to Dr. Michael Kearley it “occurs when there is too much cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain, commonly referred to as ‘water on the brain.'” 

As mentioned above, this condition is rare in cats; they can either be born with it or develop it after a traumatic brain injury, an infection, or even cancer.

Hydrocephalus often leads to various health issues and can be life-threatening in some cases. 

Among all her littermates, Lucy was the only one born with this condition. Her owner, a Sphynx cat breeder, posted a picture of her with her siblings online, intending to sell all except Lucy. 

However, Zilla Bergamini, a close friend of the breeder, had her heart set on Lucy…

Zilla was disappointed to learn that Lucy wasn’t for sale because of her condition. 

Her friend explained that she had taken Lucy to the vet who, despite a possible surgical intervention, felt that it wasn’t worthwhile. For him, Lucy was unworthy of a chance at life. 

Fortunately, Zilla saw things differently. She recognized a will to live in Lucy that she couldn’t ignore. 

Determined, Zilla proposed a bold solution: She offered to adopt Lucy and take on the challenges of her condition herself. Her friend was thrilled at the suggestion.

Zilla then conducted thorough research on hydrocephalus and identified the top vet in her country who specialized in neurological conditions in cats. 

She even initiated a fundraising campaign to cover any future surgeries and medications Lucy might need.

Already a seasoned pet parent to two rescue cats, Zilla understood the responsibilities of cat ownership well. 

However, caring for a cat with special needs was a serious commitment, and she prepared diligently for Lucy’s arrival, eager to welcome her new family member.

Since day one of adopting Lucy, Zilla has faced numerous challenges. 

These ranged from Lucy’s constant crying and the need for daily medicated eye drops, to severe digestive issues that fluctuated between no bowel movements for days to two weeks of incessant, leaky diarrhea. 

Yet, these challenges only strengthened the bond between Zilla and Lucy. Zilla did everything to keep her new companion healthy, while Lucy demonstrated remarkable resilience. 

Once Lucy’s digestive issues were managed, Zilla took her to a specialist to address her constantly watering eyes. 

The specialist found that Lucy’s hydrocephalus had caused her skull to grow abnormally, irritating her corneas. Fortunately, the skilled vet managed to correct the issue, eliminating the need for daily eye drops.

From that point, Lucy’s health improved dramatically. She grew stronger and healthier each day, blossoming into a beautiful and joyful Sphynx cat under Zilla’s care.

Today, Lucy is an adventurous kitty who thrives despite her condition. Due to hydrocephalus, Zilla has to monitor her every move and ensure she doesn’t hurt her head even the slightest. 

However, this doesn’t stop Lucy from enjoying life to the fullest. She loves bird watching, playing with her siblings, and spending time with Zilla’s friends.

She also loves to go on outdoor adventures – although enjoying it from the safety of her baby stroller. 

Despite some people initially perceiving her as scary and ugly, their opinions often change after meeting Lucy and experiencing her friendly and affectionate nature.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lucy, check out her Instagram profile and YouTube channel where her adventures continue to inspire and delight her followers.

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