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Scruffy Feral Cat Gets Rescued In The Nick Of Time And His Transformation Is Amazing

Scruffy Feral Cat Gets Rescued In The Nick Of Time And His Transformation Is Amazing

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Every day, more and more abandoned cats and kittens are left on their own in this cruel world. Until they get rescued and learn what true love is, they don’t really know anything better. 

That’s what happened to this young kitty, who was luckily saved on time. Jaina from Cats of San Bernardino shared a touching story about a cat she rescued and his transformational journey.

injured white cat
Credit: YouTube

When she found the cat, he was in very bad condition. She said:

“I don’t think he’d ever had any contact with humans at all. He was very scared. He had a very bad eye infection, so I knew he couldn’t see me.”

The cat was so afraid, which is the reason why it was so difficult to catch him. Still, Jaina didn’t think about giving up. She knew that this poor animal needed her help. She said:

“I tried to reach around behind him. But, his senses were elevated from not being able to see. As soon as he sensed I was close, he would pull back and start moving away.”

woman checking injured cat
Credit: YouTube

Catching this furry boy seemed like a mission impossible, but Jaina found a way and finally succeeded in catching the cat.

“After we’d moved back and forth, I just kinda reached in and went over top of him, and I was able to get him.”

The little furry boy was obviously very scared, but there was nothing he could do, so he just surrendered and let it all happen.

As soon as they captured the cat, they gave him a name, Apollo, and started treating him because he was in so much pain. He couldn’t see anything because of his eye infection, so he would always pull back when someone was approaching him. 

They were afraid that he was going to lose both of his eyes, but luckily, his right eye healed up well. He couldn’t see completely, but the important thing was that he could see.

cat sleeping in a cage
Credit: YouTube

Luckily, with appropriate treatment, he quickly started to feel better and more antisocial. Yes, you read that right, antisocial. As soon as he gained some strength, he would try to run away, or he’d constantly hide from everyone. 

The rescuers knew it was normal behavior, and they just needed to be more patient and give him some time to adjust to his new life. 

cat with eye problem
Credit: YouTube

Five months later, Apollo is a completely different cat. He’s a big, healthy boy, with a beautiful blue eye and a gorgeous cream coat color. What’s even more, he’s a lovely and cuddly cat who adores being at the center of attention.

“When you get him relaxed, you start rubbing down his back, he puts his booty in the air, and he’ll look around for more tickles.”

Now, Apollo is a completely different cat, and it’s hard to believe how much he has transformed, both physically and emotionally. He’s doing very well now. Ivy from Cats of San Bernardino said:

“He runs around with the kittens and things like that, so we’re really glad that he was able to do that. The whole rewarding part is how much we invested and the result we got from that.”

Pollie, as they call him, is a happy guy now who can finally see and enjoy a comfortable life. One thing is for sure, and that is that Pollie is so much loved there, and I hope that more cats get as lucky as he did; then the world would be a better place!

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