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Senior Cat, Once Homeless, Now Thrives In His Forever Home With Unique Job As Kitten Caretaker

Senior Cat, Once Homeless, Now Thrives In His Forever Home With Unique Job As Kitten Caretaker

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For those who think that cats are emotionless, independent animals who think only about themselves, here’s a heartwarming story to prove them wrong.

Cats, both male and female, are capable of deep feelings and emotions, and they do care for others.

Just like that, this tabby cat named Runt had been homeless his whole life until a compassionate woman crossed his path, offering him a second chance at life.

Emily Blythe found Runt in terrible condition. He was severely malnourished, and his fur was separated. Besides that, he had several wounds on his ears and face, along with a respiratory infection.

Realizing Runt was in desperate need of help, Emily wasted no time in bringing him to the Lake County Animal Shelter in Tavares, Florida, where he could receive the care he so urgently required.

For the first time in his life, Runt found himself with a roof over his head, a warm meal, and someone to look after him. 

Upon his arrival at the Florida shelter, he underwent a thorough examination and received the necessary treatments. 

After spending several weeks under the clinic’s care, it was determined that Runt was finally healthy enough to move into a foster home.

Emily graciously opened her home to Runt and welcomed him into her family. She joyfully shared:

“He fit right in with my senior gang of cats. He seemed to blossom overnight.”

Every day Runt was transforming until he blossomed into a completely new cat. He became a happy, and pain-free cat, whose lovely purrsonality finally began to shine.

Seeing how content Runt was in his new home, alongside his newfound feline friends, Emily knew she had found his forever destination. As a senior cat, this was the perfect place for him to spend his golden years. Emily noted:

“He is FIV positive, but that hasn’t slowed him down. The vet estimates him to be around 14 years old. He is the most easy-going cat.”

Runt, a clever and affectionate kitty, reciprocated the kindness Emily showed him by helping new foster kittens and guiding them through life.

It all began when Emily brought home two foster kittens. Runt immediately gravitated towards them, nurturing and caring for them as if he were their dad. Emily recalled a particularly touching moment, saying:

“I brought home a tiny kitten under a pound. I didn’t expect her to make it, but Runt took it upon himself to nurture and clean – almost like a mom – and she pulled through.”

One of the kittens was a tuxedo named Dolly. She was found in a truck’s engine block and brought to the shelter. Orphaned and alone, Dolly was paired up with another rescued kitten named Reece, who had been discovered in a shed.

These two kittens blossomed together; Dolly was shy until she met Reece. However, when they both met Runt, they finally found someone who would protect them. Runt became their protector and caregiver. 

Dolly, once shy, became more relaxed under Runt’s gentle care, seeking his affection and enjoying cuddles and belly rubs. Emily shared:

“Now, she runs to him for affection. He became a surrogate father to the foster kittens that have come through our house.”

Despite having spent his entire life homeless, Runt continued to be a loving cat, showering affection on those around him, especially the new foster kittens in need. 

It was as if he aimed to bestow the same love he had received upon these kittens, dedicating his golden years to assisting those in need. Isn’t he simply amazing?

Alongside Runt, Emily has several other adorable and affectionate kitties who have faced their own trials – Petunia, Pixie, and Sassy. 

Runt cherishes their companionship, and if you’d like to keep up with this lovely furry family, you can check out their Instagram profile.

In the world of felines, all cats possess feelings and emotions, but not every one of them would go to the lengths that Runt has, especially among male cats. 

Runt is undoubtedly a special kitty who deserves all the best things in the world, especially after many years of struggle.

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