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After Being Loved For 14 Years, Senior Cats Ends Up In Shelter For A Sad Reason

After Being Loved For 14 Years, Senior Cats Ends Up In Shelter For A Sad Reason

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Imagine living with a family for 14 years and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself all alone. It’s heartbreaking, right?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, this sad fate follows 6.3 million pets in the USA every year, and it was no different for Daisy, a 17-year-old declawed cat. 

Daisy had been living with her family in Illinois, where she was loved and well cared for 14 years. Sadly, she lost everything not once, but twice.

The first time, she lost her family when they had to move away. Unable to take her with them, they gave her to a new family.

Just as she was settling into her new life, a severe illness struck one of her new family members, leaving them unable to care for her. 

Consequently, Daisy was surrendered to a shelter, becoming a senior homeless cat in search of a family to spend her golden years with.

However, that brings another issue. Most people willing to adopt a cat are usually looking for kittens or younger cats, while senior felines like Daisy are the least adoptable. 

Despite everything, Daisy’s chances of getting a new home recently increased when P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park, an animal shelter in Illinois, shared a video of her which instantly went viral. The video’s caption says:

“Meet our Sweet Senior Daisy, a 17 ½ year old declawed girl. She is calm, sweet and loving. Daisy has kidney disease and requires a prescription diet.”

Daisy’s video and story received a lot of attention, bringing hope that someone might become interested in adopting her, despite her age and health condition.

Moreover, many TikTok users were furious about Daisy’s family for giving her away. One person commented:

“I don’t understand this… if I move, my pets come with me period.”

Another person said:

“My boy just turned 17 back in March. I can’t even imagine him having to spend his last days in a shelter. Someone please give this sweet girl a home for however long she has!”

While we all hope this video will help Daisy find a loving home where she can spend her last days in the best way possible, it’s also important to emphasize a few things.

Cats are not toys to throw or give away whenever we want, but lifelong companions, and we mean the whole world to them!

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