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This Senior Cat Loves His Sweaters So Much He Even Cries When He’s Not Wearing One

This Senior Cat Loves His Sweaters So Much He Even Cries When He’s Not Wearing One

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While most cats typically don’t enjoy wearing clothes, this senior tabby feline will surprise you with his love for sweaters. However, each cat is unique, with its own preferences and habits. 

Initially, this senior tabby cat named Steve was just like most other cats, he didn’t like wearing sweaters. But, once he realized how comfy they were, he couldn’t stand a minute without wearing one.

Despite living 18 years without a sweater, it’s now like a second skin for him. 

cats serious face
Credit: YouTube

Steve, an 18-year-old cat who had lived with one owner his whole life, found himself needing a new family to spend his golden years with.

Fortunately, it didn’t take him long to find a forever home and a loving family. He quickly settled in and chose one of the sisters as his favorite hooman, and the two instantly formed a strong bond. But, when did his love for sweaters start? 

It all started when his owner was moving from Phoenix to New Jersey. First, his owner went alone to move into the new apartment and to get everything ready for Steve’s arrival. 

cat in red sweater
Credit: YouTube

During that time, Steve stayed with his owner’s friend, patiently waiting for his human’s return and their fresh start in life. 

When his owner finally came back, she brought him a special surprise – a handmade cat sweater to keep him warm during the journey in the luggage compartment.

At first, like most cats, Steve wasn’t thrilled with the extra layer. However, by the time the plane landed, he seemed to have adjusted and realized how it kept him warm.

cat in clothes
Credit: YouTube

Steve suffers from arthritis and can get terribly cold, which is actually why his owner prepared the sweater for him, and it turned out to be a great idea.

Since then, Steve has become a devoted fan of sweaters. He adores his sweaters so much that he literally weeps and cries when it’s taken off. 

Of course, he doesn’t wear sweaters during summer, but once the temperature drops, he demands wearing sweaters.

cat sleeping at home
Credit: YouTube

Besides sweaters, Steve also loves lounging in a heated house, finding the warmest spot, and snuggling up with his comfy blanket. 

Steve is one unique sweater-loving cat who truly loves his owner and shows her gratitude for everything she does for him. 

Despite his old age, he’s still mischievous and playful. But, at the end of the day, nothing beats snuggling up to his human in his favorite sweater, knowing he’s safe and loved.

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