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Fate Brings This Senior Feral To A Backyard Where Her Life Takes An Unexpected Turn

Fate Brings This Senior Feral To A Backyard Where Her Life Takes An Unexpected Turn

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Hissy Chrissy is a gorgeous senior feral cat who truly lives up to her name. She spent her entire life wandering the streets of Las Vegas, scavenging for food in garbage or fighting other strays for scraps. 

This tough street life left her wary of people, and she never fully trusted even those with the best intentions.

That was, until one day, everything changed…

The Backyard Where All Wishes Come True

One sunny day, Nikki Martinez, a kind-hearted fosterer, noticed a beautiful gray feral cat lurking in her backyard. 

Initially, she thought little of it, but as the cat kept returning, seeking shelter from the sweltering Las Vegas heat, Nikki felt a pull to help. 

She found herself wondering, “What would it be like to tame this wild feline?” 

Motivated to provide the love and care the cat clearly needed, Nikki embarked on a rescue mission, an endeavor all too familiar for an experienced foster mom like her.

Nikki set several traps around her backyard for Hissy Chrissy, but the cat outsmarted them all. 

Most of the time, Chrissy hid, only venturing out when no one was around. She never let anyone get close, hissing whenever Nikki tried to approach her.

Chrissy was Nikki’s biggest hater, yet she kept returning to her backyard daily as if she expected this human to disappoint her like many others did – but wanted to be proven wrong. 

Thankfully, Nikki never gave up on her feral friend, leaving food and ice water in the shade of the trees to help her eat and stay cool.

Over time, as Hissy Chrissy settled into her new environment, she stopped hiding and began to allow herself to be “seen.”

For Nikki, this was a monumental improvement, although Chrissy still wouldn’t let her come too close. 

The two coexisted like this for years, with Chrissy firmly maintaining her boundaries and Nikki carefully respecting them. 

There were minor victories – like the time Nikki briefly touched the tip of Chrissy’s tail – but for the most part, Chrissy maintained her distance. 

As the years went by, Nikki and her husband came to accept Hissy Chrissy as their outdoor feral cat. 

Alongside their foster pets, they also had a few indoor cats and dogs. Yet, their affection for Chrissy was just as profound – they loved all their animals equally. 

However, Nikki couldn’t shake her concern for Chrissy’s well-being, especially as she was getting older and still living outdoors. 

Determined to improve her quality of life, Nikki decided to take matters into her own hands and attempt to trap her one last time.

From Hissy Feral To A Happy Fluff

One night, Nikki set up a trap in her home, placed some yummy food inside, and waited for Chrissy to come. Despite feeling guilty, she knew it was the right thing to do.

Now, to spare you the tedious details, Nikki’s plan to capture Hissy Chrissy succeeded. 

When Chrissy entered the trap and the door snapped shut, Chrissy flinched in betrayal. 

In the days that followed, she was angrier at Nikki than ever before, hissing and swatting relentlessly.

But over time, her hostile demeanor softened. 

With a spacious cage, a comfy bed, and plenty of food and water, she finally let her guard down, realizing she had found the forever home she had always sought. 

Nikki took her to the vet for a much-needed checkup, and after receiving her medications and necessary vaccinations, Chrissy was ready to enjoy the rest of her life.

Though she never fully embraced the idea of becoming a permanent indoor cat, the option was always available. This once-feral cat preferred to remain outdoors, freely roaming her beloved backyard. 

However, thanks to a doggy door, she could enter Nikki’s home whenever the Las Vegas heat became unbearable.

When it comes to the other cats and dogs in Nikki’s household, Chrissy got along well with all of them. 

She especially bonded with a dog named Frank, whose companionship provided the comfort and love she had missed all her life. 

Unfortunately, Frank recently passed away, which greatly affected poor Chrissy. Thankfully, she still had other animals to keep her company and mend her broken heart. 

From an angry feral with to place to call home, Chrissy transformed into a happy kitty, all thanks to the love and unwavering dedication of her new forever human. 

For Nikki, rescuing Chrissy was the best decision she ever made. She may not have completely tamed her, but she certainly restored Chrissy’s faith in love and humanity.

You might be wondering now, “Did they change her name from Hissy Chrissy to something more appropriate?” The answer is – no.

To be quite frank, Chrissy still tends to hiss at Nikki and her husband. Old habits die hard, I guess. 

But honestly, it would be wrong to change her name now after using it for so long. 

Calling her Hissy Chrissy serves as a beautiful homage to her past life, a reminder that she was once feral but now has a loving home, and an inspiration to us all to show some love to the feral fluffs in our own backyards.

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