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Funny Cats Acting Like Humans In Disguise

Funny Cats Acting Like Humans In Disguise

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Cats are known imitators. They tend to watch over us, follow us around, and very often do things that imitate us in some way.

My cats frequently do this. Most often they’ll sit beside my laptop and paw at it while I type. Mikey tends to do it most often because he is the biggest baby of all my cats, and he always scores himself some lap time.

cat looking at laptop

Here’s a compilation of cats acting like humans, each one funnier than the last.

Many cats like to be babied or to do stuff that resembles the things we do in our everyday lives. Just look at the second cat in the video, and how it’s sleeping. I believe every cat does this once in a while.

Here’s my Freddie. 

cat sleeping on the bed

He sleeps like this every day during his afternoon nap and I think it’s adorable! 

Many cats try to sit like humans, which is also hilarious! Extremely funny, but adorable at the same time.

cat sitting on the couch

Mikey often sits like this, as you can see in my photo. It always cracks me up! And then he gets a bit grumpy, which, to me, is even more adorable! 

Why do cats do this?

Well, the answer is simple…. 

Cats form strong bonds with their owners and, as strange as it may sound to those who firmly believe cats are only here to serve us their judgemental looks, we mean more to our cats than just food suppliers. 

cat acting at home

Just look at this stare of love! Cats love their owners and they see us as their friends, family, a safe place, and a source of security. This is why they often try to imitate us, in order to be closer to us. 

Aawww! I know, right. 

Cats try to do things the way we do them, like sit or lie in our beds, so they can be closer to their human parents. Is this the cutest thing ever or what? 

As cute as it is, it’s also incredibly funny! I hope you had a good laugh watching the video I linked above, because I know I did! Oh, I wish I could make my cats wear sunglasses like this one cat in the video does, lol. 

I can’t imagine the chaos I’d create if I even tried. Anywho, here are a few more Instagram feline friends who might just be people in disguise

cat sitting funny on the couch
Photo from: @cool_cat_pablo

So much work, so little time…

fluffy cat yawning on the table
Photo from: @chilligram.c

After a long day at work, we could all use a drink. 

cat sitting at cocktail bar
Photo from: @kittyboozbar

Or a dessert…

funny cat looking at wine glass
Photo from: @meganmcg123

It’s like looking at my nephews… “When’s dinner?!”

black cat sitting on the chair by the table
Photo from: @historichousecats

Hahaha, cats are simply the best! 

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