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Heartbroken Shelter Cat Presses His Face Against The Cage Begging For A Chance

Heartbroken Shelter Cat Presses His Face Against The Cage Begging For A Chance

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Does your heart break a little every time you see an abandoned kitten or visit a rescue center? Yeah, mine too.

What I usually do when I see an abandoned kitten is taken it to the shelter to make sure it’s safe. Unfortunately, I can’t adopt every kitten as I already have six of them. 

Luckily, there are good and kind people like James and Rachel who couldn’t bear leaving this kitten after seeing how desperate it was.

“He was pushing his face into the cage to where he was losing hair. He was so stressed to where he didn’t want to really eat,” said Rachel in the video.

cat behind bars

While people are making money by breeding and selling purebred cats, millions of abandoned cats are waiting for their forever homes. According to Pet Statistics by ASPCA, over 3.2 million cats enter shelters in America each year to await their destiny – euthanasia or adoption.

Thanks to Rachel and James, a cute little kitten named Bug got the chance to be a purrfect pet. After visiting the shelter and viewing the available kittens, they got an offer to adopt Bug temporarily so that he wouldn’t injure himself.

Rachel wasn’t so sure about this because they already had rescue kittens at home. But then, the biggest surprise happened. 

Her husband, James (who’s actually a dog person), talked her into adopting Bug. Looks like this sweet guy completely stole their hearts. So, that’s how Bug got a chance, but could he win their hearts completely? 

I remember when I adopted my kitties, and how we all needed some time to adjust and bond with each other. 

Most of them are rescue cats from the streets or shelters, but I assure you they can love you even more than a purebred cat, you just have to give them a chance, and some time.

In the video, Rachel describes how heartbreaking their first encounter with Bug was. Imagine how desperate this cat must have been when he didn’t even want to eat. 

You can actually see the cat digging with his paws in the cage like he’s trying to escape, and how he gives his paw to Rachel as though he doesn’t want her to let him go.

owner holding cats paw through bars

When Bug arrived at his new home, they were worried about him and his behavior. But, to everyone’s surprise, he was a completely different cat. He was not afraid at all, and he was very playful and affectionate towards his new owners and even other cats.

Rachel said:

“As soon as you start to pet him he would just start kissing on you and loving on you” 

That sounds like a very loving cat! When the couple got to know Bug better, a decision had to be made. Surprisingly, Rachel’s husband James really bonded with Bug, and – once again – he talked his wife into adopting Bug, but this time for real. 

cat on the bed

I always say if you can feed two cats, then you can feed three of them. Looks like Rachel thought the same thing. So, despite having cats at home, she agreed to adopt Bug too.

Today, Bug is living a happy life. Not only did he get adopted, but he also got a chance to show that a rescue cat can be the perfect pet, if only you give it some love.

Adopting a cat can not only change the cat’s life, it can change yours too. I am saying that, because adopting cats in need definitely changed my life. So, if you think you’re not a cat person, that’s only because you never really had one, trust me.

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