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New York Shelter Feared Deaf Senior Cat Would Never Find Home Until A Special Lady Changed The Odds

New York Shelter Feared Deaf Senior Cat Would Never Find Home Until A Special Lady Changed The Odds

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One day, Sarah, a devoted cat lover, decided to adopt a shelter cat and give it the life it truly deserved. However, her plans turned out to be a bit more challenging than she initially thought.

Upon arriving at the Patricia Ladew Foundation, an animal shelter in New York, she was instantly drawn to an adorable tortoiseshell cat named Polly

She got the name Polly because she was polydactyl, boasting seven toes on each of her front paws.

cat on the floor
Credit: YouTube

Polly, estimated to be around 15 years old, was rescued from a hoarded house. She was deaf and very shy and withdrawn. Despite her challenges, something told Sarah not to give up on her. Sarah shared:

“She probably had lots of kittens and just seemed sad.”

In addition to her withdrawn personality, Polly was not in the best health. She had severe dental issues and was in considerable pain, requiring dental surgery.

deaf cat
Credit: YouTube

Overall, Polly was in a very difficult situation, and the shelter staff doubted she would find a home. Well, not until Sarah came along.

Sarah knew their journey might be tough, but she was determined to give Polly all the love and care she needed. She said:

“I got the impression that she hadn’t had attention in a really long time. So, any attention she got, she was just over the moon, and she was so happy.”

When Polly arrived at her new home, she was still very scared and shy. But thanks to Sarah’s patience and love, Polly gradually transformed into a loving kitty with a loud purring engine.

scared deaf cat
Credit: YouTube

She began exploring her new surroundings, playing, and having fun as if she were aging backward.

Polly instantly became the queen of the house, surprising everyone with her confident demeanor. Despite being the newcomer, she bonded with the other cats and enjoyed snuggling and playing with them.

multicolor cat
Credit: YouTube

When she wasn’t with her feline friends, Polly could be found meowing loudly or cuddling with Sarah, her loving human. Sarah added:

“I really think that Polly knows that I took her home because she really purrs pretty much for me.”

Polly is truly a unique feline, and everyone who has met her agrees with that. She has big paws, no teeth, can’t hear, and she’s almost 18 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from living her best life. Sarah concluded:

“Love has healed her, love has completely healed her, her soul, her body.”

young woman kissing cat
Credit: YouTube

With just a sprinkle of love, care, and patience, miracles can happen. Sarah had no expectations when she adopted Polly, but they ended up forming an unbreakable bond. 

Polly turned out to be one special cat, and Sarah is beyond thrilled to be her forever human!

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