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Couple Adopts A Quiet Shelter Cat Realizing Later She’s A True Attention Seeker

Couple Adopts A Quiet Shelter Cat Realizing Later She’s A True Attention Seeker

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If you’d like to read another inspiring cat adoption story, you’re in for a treat. 

Meet Cass, a charming calico cat who not only enjoys playful moments with her dog buddy Riley but also loves chatting with her humans and basking in the adoration she absolutely knows she deserves.

Cass’s adventure began during a Montana blizzard when she was rescued by dedicated cat enthusiasts and taken to Heart of the Valley animal shelter. 

At the same time, her future owners were setting up their new shared home and contemplating the idea of adding a cat to their household as a sort of third roommate. 

Emily was initially hesitant about introducing a cat into their still unfurnished home, but she was eventually won over by her fiancé’s enthusiasm for the idea.

Their visit to the shelter was fate. Upon laying eyes on Cass, it was instant love for both of them.

Since Cass was a sweet, quiet, and docile shelter kitty, they immediately agreed to take her home with them, putting an end to her shelter experience.

Once settled in, Cass quickly revealed her vibrant personality, much to Emily and her fiancé’s amusement. Cass proved to be quite the chatterbox, a trait she cleverly hid during her shelter days.

Reflecting on their early days together, Emily shared:

“She was fairly docile when we first met her which is not what her personality is like.”

She later added:

“She greets us every time we come home. I’ll put her on the phone with my friends to say hi because she just talks all the time. It does feel very conversational.”

Turns out, Cass had everyone fooled with her quiet act at the shelter. But really, who can blame her? She was on a mission to find her forever Montana home, after all.

Not only is Cass talkative, but she also has no concept of personal space. According to Emily, she’s more than just a lap cat – she adores perching on people’s faces!

“When we first got her, she liked to sleep with her face on my face every night. I had to negotiate breathing with her because she would get so close to my face and I had to like scooch away, and then she would get up and get closer to my face again.”

Emily and her fiancé initially planned to keep Cass in one room for maybe a week to let her adjust to them and the sounds and smells of her new home. 

However, that idea was quickly overruled by Cass’s desire to explore and be at the center of everything immediately.

About a year later, Emily and her fiancé adopted a dog named Riley. He and Cass immediately hit off, although as Emily pointed out, they’re still navigating the nuances of cat-dog communication.

Any time Riley gets a treat, Cass insists on getting her fair share. Emily says that’s probably because she feels there’s an injustice if he’s getting one and she’s not.

I mean, she’s got a point. Why should Riley get all the goodies while she watches from the sidelines?

Thankfully, sharing treats doesn’t seem to be an issue for these two (which is not something I can say for me and my brother).

Anyway, I truly believe that Emily’s happy she went along with her fiancé’s idea to adopt a cat. Cass, with her chatty nature and quirky ways, has filled their lives with endless happiness. 

With Cass and Riley by their side, I’ll say Emily and her fiancé have definitely hit the jackpot!

If you wish to see more of this attention-seeking calico fluff, head on to her Instagram and give her a follow. Believe me, it’s a decision you’ll be happy you made!

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