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Missouri Cat Screams At Dad Because She’s Jealous Of Other Cats On The Farm

Missouri Cat Screams At Dad Because She’s Jealous Of Other Cats On The Farm

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A young couple from Missouri has been posting videos of their farm life on TikTok. One video got a lot of attention because their cat Sage gets super jealous when his human dad pets or holds other cats. The woman in the video says:

“I think you’ve got a jealous one down there.”

It seems like this cat dad isn’t allowed to have more than one cat, at least according to Sage. You have to see the cat’s hilarious reaction. Have you ever heard a more jealous meow?

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Sage is one jealous boy! When his cat dad held two cats in his arms, our gray and white protagonist was like “How dare you?!” However, Sage quickly remembered that a bit of loud meowing and a few hisses would do the trick!

His dad put the other cats down and immediately held him in his arms. Talk about a cunning little feline!

man holding two cats
Credit: TikTok

As soon as the man took him in his arms, Sage started to purr like nothing happened. I guess this cat dad’s next move isn’t farming but learning how to hold all three of his feline babies at once.

From what we see on their TikTok profile, Sage is actually the biggest baby of all three cats! Plus, he’s a daddy’s boy as well. 

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This animal-loving couple actually has thirteen cats in total, as you can see when you scroll through their profile. All of them are enjoying the good life on the farm.

It’s no surprise there’s some competition for their owners’ attention and cuddle time. With so many cats around, they’re likely all competing for their humans’ love and affection.

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Yep, cats can feel jealousy… to some extent, at least. For us, jealousy is a complex feeling, but it’s a bit simpler for cats.

Our cats live in the present, there’s no thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, so when we think they’re getting jealous, they’re probably just a little annoyed about not getting something right away. 

Just like Sage in the video wanted cuddles and had to wait for his turn.

man at farm with cats
Credit: TikTok

Unlike us, cats don’t dwell on things like we do, so they don’t feel jealousy as strongly as we do. However, cat jealousy is still real. 

If your cat gets jealous, it might even bite or scratch you, or meow loudly like Sage did to his dad. It might even pick fights with your other pets or fight over food.

close-up photo of man holding farm cat
Credit: TikTok

The key is to notice the jealous behavior and address it. Spend some extra time with your cat and show them some love. That way, they’ll know for sure that you care about them and probably won’t feel jealous in the future.

photo of man holding a cat
Credit: TikTok

Just remember, cats can be pretty sneaky! So don’t fall for any fake jealous outbursts just to give your cat what it wants. Like Sage in the video, he had no trouble getting his dad’s attention.

I bet he knows how much his parents love him, as well as all his feline siblings!

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