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Shelter’s Shyest Cat Finally Gets Adopted And Starts To Slowly Come Out Of Her Shell

Shelter’s Shyest Cat Finally Gets Adopted And Starts To Slowly Come Out Of Her Shell

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Cats, those enchanting creatures of mystery and charm, each come with their own unique personalities. Just like us humans, they’re a diverse bunch, and you can never predict what you’ll get with each feline friend. 

While it’s hard to believe it, some cats can be extremely shy, and here’s one such story.

Meet Mose, the cat who could give the title of ‘Shyest Cat’ a whole new meaning. Sarah, a fosterer with years of experience, thought she had seen it all when it came to shy cats. However, she never met a cat as shy as Mose.

beautiful grey cat
Credit: YouTube

She came to the rescue center and looked for a cat who had been there the longest, and that was when she saw Mose. She said:

“Mose really stuck out to me, because she’d been there almost a year, which is a really long time.”

Sarah felt it was her responsibility to bring home an animal that was always passed over by adopters. So, she decided to adopt Mose and give her a new life.

cat in her box
Credit: YouTube

But Mose’s shyness was beyond what she had anticipated. It’s common for cats to need time to adjust to a new environment, but Mose took this to the extreme, spending two weeks hidden away in a little loft space. Sarah said:

“I’ll be honest, how shy she was, freaked me out a little bit.”

Sarah believed that Mose’s shyness was a consequence of her traumatic experience with humans in the past. 

She tried her best to make Mose feel comfortable, but nothing much changed until Dunder, the other family cat, stepped in.

cat looks at other cat in the box
Credit: YouTube

Dunder recognized Mose’s extreme shyness and decided to lend a helping paw. Sarah recalled the remarkable moment:

“Dunder went right up there, sat next to her, never left her side, and made her feel comfortable until one day I saw her out of the corner of my eye coming down out of the loft into the living space.”

From that moment, this shy kitty blossomed and never looked back again, especially because she finally found a furry friend to always watch her back.

two cats on the couch
Credit: YouTube

Dunder has taken Mose under his wing and the adorable duo became inseparable. With Dunder’s unwavering support, Mose began to blossom. Their bond grew stronger, and Sarah witnessed Mose’s true personality emerge. She explained:

“Mose is our sassy cat for sure, whereas Dunder is our sort of nice lovey-dovey. She’s the one with the attitude but in a very lovable way. She’s never grumpy. She will tell you when it’s dinnertime, she has no problem reminding you.”

cat standing next to the food bowls
Credit: YouTube

Once Mose relaxed, she even showed her playful side. She turned out to be a very energetic feline who can do amazing tricks. But when playtime was over, her favorite activity was none other than cuddling. Sarah said:

“She is the biggest cuddler, not with me, but with Dunder.”

Mose always keeps an eye on Dunder. Every time he settles in his bed to rest, she immediately snuggles right next to him, ready to get showered with his love.

Sarah decided to keep Mose forever, especially after seeing how she bonded with Dunder. However, due to her traumatic experience with humans in the past, she’s having a harder time bonding with Sarah.

cat play with toy
Credit: YouTube

Nevertheless, Sarah persists in her efforts to bring Mose closer. She even found a clever solution:

“I did this really funny thing where, because she’s not really keen on me petting her, I actually got this extendable back scratcher, so I could scratch her from a few feet away, and it’s gotten her used to pets, and now she’s much more accepting of my pets.”

Mose kept transforming and showing how lovely she actually was. She started following Sarah around and even purring, but from a certain distance. Sarah said:

“She’s not a lap cat, and I think that’s why she wasn’t adopted for so long, because people really want lap cats.”

cat licking other cat
Credit: YouTube

Sometimes Sarah feels sad because she really wants to cuddle Mose and shower her with love, but then, she reminds herself that patience is key.

“It’s about giving her a warm and loving home. These shy animals deserve love just as much as the outgoing ones.”

Sarah accepts the fact that Mose might never be a lap cat but hopes to give her the life she always deserved. She said:

“If I could tell Mose something, I would say she’s safe. No one’s gonna harm you, you always have a warm bed and food waiting for you. I promise to take the best care of you.”

cats enjoying on the couch
Credit: YouTube

This heartwarming story reminds us that patience and true friendship can work wonders. If Mose’s journey warmed your heart, don’t hesitate to share it with your loved ones!

Keep up with Dunder and Mose’s daily adventures on their Instagram profile!

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