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Abandoned Skinny Cat Who Experienced A Lifetime Of Neglect Transforms Into A Blue-Eyed Beauty

Abandoned Skinny Cat Who Experienced A Lifetime Of Neglect Transforms Into A Blue-Eyed Beauty

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Homeless cats live difficult lives, always having to fend for themselves. However, luck turned around for this starved, skinny feline, who was found roaming the streets. 

When a compassionate woman spotted her, she just couldn’t walk away from such a needy soul. Without a moment’s hesitation, she scooped up the cat, ready to turn her life around.

The cat, surprisingly, didn’t resist. It was as if she understood that this was her only ticket to a better life.

white kitten on a cobblestone
Source: YouTube

Upon bringing the cat home, the woman provided her with a delicious meal, something the cat seemed to have been missing for a while. She sniffed the food cautiously before diving in, a sure sign of her previous struggles.

Fortunately, the cat was finally off the streets, safe, and ready to embark on a journey to recovery, all thanks to the woman who didn’t hesitate to save her.

white kitten with blue eyes
Source: YouTube

The woman kept feeding the cat who seemed to like all those meals and the attention she started to receive. After a day or two, she even started responding to the woman, showcasing her trust and gratitude.

Still, the woman was worried about the cat’s overall condition, so she decided to take her to the vet for a thorough examination.

sweet white kitten standing
Source: YouTube

The vet’s findings were dire. They discovered that the poor cat weighed only 2.6 pounds and her blood work revealed severe anemia. The cat needed professional help and a nutritious diet to help her get back in shape.

So, the cat’s transformation began. First, she got a new name, Xuebao which means Snow Treasure, symbolizing a new, fresh start.

kitten with curly fur
Source: YouTube

The vets provided her with necessary treatments such as vaccinations and deworming treatments, and they also recommended nutritional improvements.

The woman carefully followed each step given by the vets, ensuring Xuebao received the best care possible. 

woman clearing kitten ear
Source: YouTube

After the main check-up, Xuebao was also given a nail trim, ear cleaning, and a warm bath. She was calm and relaxed during the whole process as if she knew it was all for her benefit.

Back home, the woman continued with nutritious meals to help Xuebao gain weight. Every day, she carefully measured canned food and also introduced additional meals, such as boiled meat and special treats, to her diet.

sweet white kitten with blue eyes
Source: YouTube

Slowly but surely, Xuebao progressed and even gained weight. She transformed into a gorgeous, blue-eyed beauty with a charming personality.

Xuebao settled into her new home, bonding deeply with the woman who saved her. Now, she enjoys all the comforts of home life – eating, sleeping, watching TV, and cuddling with her human.

very adorable white kitten
Source: YouTube

From being a skinny feline, Xuebao transformed into a lovely blue-eyed cat, all thanks to the kind-hearted woman who never gave up on her. She said:

“She has become an important family member in my life. Rather than saying I saved her, it’s more accurate to say, her presence healed my life.”

Stories like this restore my faith in humanity, and I’m beyond happy about Xuebao and her new comfy life. She finally has everything she deserves.

If Xuebao’s heartwarming transformation touched your heart, share her story with those you love!

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