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Extremely Skinny Stray Cat Starved Of Affection Undergoes A Remarkable Transformation

Extremely Skinny Stray Cat Starved Of Affection Undergoes A Remarkable Transformation

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While walking her dogs like any other day, a kind-hearted woman stumbled upon an extremely emaciated stray cat in desperate need of help. 

Terrified by the sight of her, the woman gently called out to the poor feline, wanting to help her with all her heart.

The cat, named Quqi, weakly made her way towards the woman, surprisingly undisturbed by the presence of dogs. It was clear she was starved for affection which broke the woman’s heart. 

Realizing Quqi wouldn’t last much longer without help, she decided to bring her home.

At home, the woman softened some dry cat food with milk to make it easier for Quqi to eat. The cat devoured her meal and then cuddled up to her new friend, showing how much she had missed being loved. 

Quqi was so thin that her rescuer could feel every bone in her body. She knew she’d need to do much more if her goal was to help her get better.

But with several dogs already under her care, the woman was well aware that she couldn’t provide Quqi with the attention she deserved. 

Reluctantly, she reached out to a local animal rescue, asking them to give Quqi a chance at a better life.

When the rescue team arrived, they carefully placed her into the carrier, and Quqi seemed to understand that these folks were there to help. They immediately took her to the vet for a much-needed checkup.

The vet’s findings were serious: Quqi was not only extremely underweight but also suffering from significant liver damage due to peritonitis, an inflammation in the abdominal cavity common in cats.

The treatment plan was rigorous, involving fluid therapies, electrolytes, vitamins, and antibiotics, aimed at tackling both liver issues and peritonitis. 

Despite the challenging treatment ahead, the vet was optimistic about seeing substantial health improvements within a week.

After a couple of days under close medical supervision at the clinic, Quqi was ready to start her recovery journey in her new home.

At home, Quqi’s adoptive family diligently continued the intravenous fluid treatments as advised by the vet. They were cautious with the IV needles, given Quqi’s fragile state, but her resilience and trust made the process smoother than expected. 

Quqi quickly adapted to her new environment, eating, drinking, and using the litter box just like any healthy cat would. 

A month into her recovery, Quqi’s personality began to shine through. She became curious and playful, forming a strong bond with her new family. 

When it was time for her first follow-up vet visit, everyone was eager to see how much she had improved.

Quqi amazed everyone at the vet with her newfound zest for life; it was like meeting a brand-new cat! 

The vet was thrilled with her progress, noting significant improvements in her health and acknowledging her resilience.

The next phase of Quqi’s recovery focused on rebuilding her muscle mass, which had diminished significantly, enhancing her physical strength, and encouraging the growth of her fur, which had been lost due to her initial state of malnutrition.

Her new family was determined to see Quqi thrive. They invested in top-notch medications, whipped up wholesome and tasty meals, and, of course, lavished her with plenty of affection.

Their dedication paid off spectacularly. Two months on, Quqi was almost unrecognizable – her liver issues were under control, her coat was fully restored, and her overall health was excellent.

Quqi reciprocated the love and care she received during those critical months, grateful for the kindness of all who had a hand in her miraculous recovery. 

Thanks to the collective efforts of her rescuers, Quqi was rejuvenated, now enjoying life as a joyful and optimistic cat with a promising future ahead.

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