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Dedicated Pet Parent Builds A Special Set Of Wheels For Her Feline Companion

Dedicated Pet Parent Builds A Special Set Of Wheels For Her Feline Companion

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Cat parents are willing to do just about anything for their little feline companions. Providing them with a loving and caring environment is our ultimate goal!

Dawn Firestone from New Jersey is a true example of a loving cat parent. She made sure her little fluffball named Rocky could walk again!

Dawn’s husband worked on a construction site surrounded by heavy machinery. A local stray cat decided to hide her kittens at the construction site, but sadly one of her kittens fell 15 feet down on the heavy concrete floor! 

cat on shoulder
Source: YouTube

Mama cat left her kitten there to await his final moments, however, Dawn’s husband came to the rescue. He couldn’t just leave the kitten alone, as Dawn shared in her video:

“My husband is a very emotional person, he’s like ‘If I bring him home, and he passes away, I’m literally gonna be in bed for a week’.”

Dawn was determined to save the poor baby and she did everything to keep the kitten alive. However, the vet had some bad news for Dawn.

paralyzed cat
Source: YouTube

Little Rocky suffered a spinal injury which sadly left him paralyzed. The vet recommended physical therapy in a water tank to strengthen his back legs. However, Dawn did much more than that, as she mentioned:

“He does acupuncture, he does chiropractic care, I fed him with his bottle.”

bathing a cat
Source: YouTube

Little Rocky needed help with going potty and his mom Dawn was there to help! However, she realized he still couldn’t quite use his back legs so she came up with a genius idea!

cat in a wheels
Source: YouTube

Dawn built him a tiny set of wheels, all in the hope it could help him strengthen his muscles. As she said:

“Within a couple weeks when he started walking around and getting stronger, I realized that he was kind of walking like a seal!”

However, Rocky’s disability didn’t stop him from being a little bundle of energy. He would manage to go up and down the stairs, while his mom cheered him on!

cat climbing
Source: YouTube

As time went on, Rocky’s true personality started to shine through. He played with his dog sibling and a bunch of toys while exploring his new home. Rocky became a gentle cuddle bug, as his mom shared:

“He loves to just cuddle into me, he’s never hissed, he’s never bitten, he’s never taken his claws out. The love that I get back is just beyond ridiculous.”

dog and paralyzed cat
Source: YouTube

Today Rocky is a well-known internet star. He took Instagram by storm and his mom is sharing his day-to-day life. Dawn hopes more people will adopt special needs cats and give them a second chance at life. 

The thought of special needs kittens getting euthanized brings tears to her eyes, as she said:

“I always cry when I think about it. That cats like that would be euthanized.”

woman kissing a cat
Source: YouTube

The love and care Dawn has for Rocky warmed my heart beyond words. Hopefully, Rocky inspires more people to adopt a special kitten!

Make sure to follow Rocky and his mom on Instagram, while he wheels through his adventures!

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