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Where To Find Sphynx Cats For Sale In Oregon?

Where To Find Sphynx Cats For Sale In Oregon?

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Are you looking for a unique hairless kitten in Oregon? If yes, I’ve got you covered! Sphynx cats are beautiful and unusual cats, because they have very short hair, usually only on their back and around their ears. However, they look hairless, and that’s why everyone calls them that.

Besides being unique and beautiful, these cats are perfect loyal pet friends. Even though they may not look it, Sphynx cats are extremely lovely, calm cats who want your love and attention. So, before getting one, make sure that you can provide your Sphynx with lots of attention.

Also, before buying this cat breed, make sure that you find out everything about them in order to be prepared for life with your new feline friend!

So, if you’re living in Oregon, read this article and check out where to find a Sphynx cat for sale in Oregon, as well as other places where you can find one!

Sphynx Cat Breeders In Oregon

This cat breed is very special, and it requires very special care. Besides a lot of love and attention, you need to take care of their health, especially their skin.

As they don‘t have coats, they need frequent baths and special care during summer and winter days.

Sphynx cats are very good family pets, and they adapt quickly to new things, and this is just one of the reasons why they are so popular.

However, there aren’t a lot of breeders in Oregon. I’ve managed to find only two active Sphynx cat breeders who offer Sphynx cats for sale in Oregon. But, that’s not the whole story!

In case you can’t find available kittens or cats in these catteries, I have provided you with other sites where you can adopt pets, and other sites where you can look for Sphynx for sale in Oregon or neighboring states. In addition, you can also look for breeders in other states.

So, if you’re sure that you want a Sphynx cat as your pet, then read this article and find out everything you need to know about these sweet hairless creatures!

Stella Oriens Sphynx Cats

📍 Salem, Oregon

This cattery is managed by Melisande Inness-Brown. The cattery is home to some truly beautiful, healthy sphynx cats. The cats are raised in a cage-free environment with a lot of love and affection.

The cats’ health is the most important thing for this cattery, therefore all of their cats are tested negative for HCM.

Moreover, the cattery is a member of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), which means that the kittens are produced and raised according to particular standards.

Breeder Info

Address: Salem, Oregon

Website: Stella Oriens Sphynx Cats

Rose City Sphynx

📍 Portland, Oregon

Rose City Sphynx is a small cattery that produces and raises beautiful, healthy sphynx cats. They don’t have a website but for further information, you can check out their Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube profile.

Also, if you have any questions about the cattery, or if you want to know if there are any available kittens for sale, feel free to contact them via their email!

Breeder Info

Address: Portland, Oregon

E-mail: [email protected]

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Adopting Sphynx Kittens And Cats

If you cannot find a reputable sphynx cat breeder, don’t worry, because there are many other options. One of them is adoption. Besides saving money, you’re doing a good deed by saving a feline in need and providing her with a new home and loving family.

Yes, I know that you’re looking for a Sphynx cat breed, however, you might be surprised to see how many purebred cats there are in rescue and adoption centers. You might as well check if there is a Sphynx cat or a kitten waiting for you there.

If you don’t know of any rescues near you, then check Petfinder or AdoptaPet and search for what you’re looking for.


Petfinder is a site that connects you with almost every animal shelter or rescue center in the United States. Through this site, you can easily search for a Sphynx kitten or a cat for adoption all over the United States.

Therefore, if the previously listed catteries don‘t have available kittens, or if you cannot find another reputable breeder in Oregon, check this site, choose a location and see if you can find what you’re looking for!


This is definitely the largest site that helps different rescue centers and animal shelters all around the United States.

The site helps over 20,000 rescues and adoption centers to find the perfect loving home for their animals. Again, by adopting, you may find a lot of mixed breeds, but it’s not a surprise to find a purebred pet there, such as a cat or even kittens.

So, have a look because maybe you can get your perfect Sphynx pet friend through this site!

Where Else To Look For A Sphynx Kitten?

There aren’t a lot of sphynx cats for sale in Oregon. Most breeders aren’t active anymore, so I’ve managed to find only two of them.

However, although it’s best to buy a pet from a reputable breeder, if you’re lucky enough, there are other places where you can look for your perfect Sphynx!

Besides adoption sites, there are verified sites where you can look for Sphynx cats and kittens from all over the United States. You can choose the location Oregon, or another one near Oregon, and see if you can find your new friend there! Here are the sites where you can look!

Go Kitty

Cats Now

Hoobly Classifieds

AmericanListed Classifieds

While searching, you may find both Sphynx cats and kittens. Moreover, you will find many kittens that are TICA and CFA registered and who come with a health guarantee.

In addition, some kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes, and they come with all the relevant documentation.

However, if you still want to buy a Sphynx kitten from a reputable breeder, then you should check in neighboring states. Today, that’s not a big deal because many catteries offer shipping delivery, or even delivery to the nearest airport using a pet nanny service.

Why Buy From A Breeder?

When buying a purebred cat, it’s very important to buy from a reputable breeder. There are many reasons for this. For example, breeders are experienced and have an understanding of the quality that every new cat owner is looking for.

A reputable breeder is always a registered member of various different cat associations, which means that they produce and raise the kittens according to particular standards.

Moreover, kittens from a reputable breeder are given vaccination, and are properly dewormed, microchipped, and regularly vet-checked.

Sometimes the kittens come spayed/neutered, but most importantly they come with all the necessary documentation as well as proof of pedigree. A pedigree is a paper that shows who the ancestors of a particular kitten are.

Even though the prices may be somewhat higher in registered catteries, at least you know what you’re buying. Real, reputable breeders don’t sell their kittens to just everyone. Most of them carefully choose the perfect owner for their kittens.

How To Recognize A Reputable Breeder?

In order to recognize a reputable breeder, you should pay attention to a few important things.

Remember that most reputable breeders are registered members of cat associations. Moreover, the kittens should look happy and healthy having been raised with care and socialized from a young age.

One of the most important questions is always whether the kittens are good with children and other pets. A reputable breeder will socialize its kittens and get them used to children and other pets, making it a well-adjusted and tolerant family pet.

A real breeder should always care for the environment you live in and understand your habits, because a real breeder won’t sell the kittens to just anyone, they carefully choose the right person for each kitten.

Most importantly, you should be able to see your kitten before taking him home with you, or at least receive photos and updates.

Sphynx cats are unique, and if you decide that this cat breed is your future companion, make sure that you find the right one!

Learn More About Sphynx Cats!

Sphynx cat breeds are very unique. It’s considered as a hairless cat breed, however, that’s not completely true. Although a hairless Sphynx looks like she has no hair, she still has some short hair, usually on the back and around the ears.

As they don’t have a lot of hair, they shed way less than any other cat breed. Therefore they produce less of the dander that is responsible for allergies in many people.

So, this cat breed may be considered hypoallergenic, but don’t forget, there is no 100% hypoallergenic cat.

However, the lack of a proper coat, and their sensitive skin, makes these cats vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. For this reason, they should be indoor-only cats, so that they can be kept warm all the time.

Even though they don’t have coats, these cats require special skin care. Their skin may become oily, so they need frequent baths. On summer days, these cats need a sun cream to protect them.

These cats are mid-sized. Thus, female Sphynx cats may weigh around 8-11 pounds, while male Sphynx cats may weigh up to 18 pounds.

Considering that there’s no coat on these cats, their colors depend on their skin pigmentation. Sphynx cats may appear in many different colors, including:

White Sphynx, Purple Sphynx, Blue Sphynx, Red-pink Sphynx, Chocolate Sphynx, Ginger Sphynx, Cream Sphynx, Tabby Sphynx, Smoky Sphynx, and Black Sphynx cat.

As far as their personality is concerned, sphynx cats are extremely calm. Although they may look a little angry because of their bare skin and big eyes, they’re actually calm, lovely, and lazy cats who adore cuddles.

Average Price Of A Sphynx Kitten

The average price of a Sphynx kitten in Oregon may be anywhere between $1500 – $2500. However, the price always depends on several factors. It will depend on how good the breeder is, the kitten‘s condition and health, certificates, pedigrees, etc.

You can even find Sphynx kittens for a price of $3000 or higher, so don’t be surprised! Make sure that you count in the other things that are necessary for a new kitten such as a litter box, food and water bowl, grooming tools, etc.

However, if you‘re interested, you can always contact a few reputable breeders and ask them everything you want to know, including the price of the kittens.

Average Price Of A Sphynx Cat

The average price of a Sphynx cat may be between $1500 – $3000. However, it all depends on the breeder, and on the cat’s quality. You can even find Sphynx cats for $4000 or even higher.


What Is The Lifespan Of A Sphynx Cat?

These beautiful, unique cats are extremely healthy cats, therefore they may live up to 15 years.

Do Sphynx Cats Smell?

Sphynx cats are characterized by a stronger smell than in other cats. However, it’s not very obvious. In order to keep it under control, you should pay more attention to your Sphinx’s skin care.

Is Sphynx Cat Friendly?

Although Sphynx cats seem to be angry all the time because of their looks, that’s not the case. In fact they are completely the opposite; this cat breed is really calm and lovely.

They’re very loyal to their owners, and get used to new things pretty fast. Also, they can be used to small children and dogs, making them perfect family pets.

Are Sphynx Cats Indoor Cats?

It’s recommended that Sphynx cats should be indoor cats, because of their skin. However, they can go outside for a run or a walk, but be careful. Keep in mind that these cats don’t have a coat to protect them from many external influences and damages.

Do Sphynx Cats Need Lotion?

Because of their sensitive hairless skin, these cats do need a lotion to keep their skin hydrated. When buying a lotion, check out in pet stores, and look for one with natural ingredients.

All In All…

I hope that after reading this article, you’ll manage to find the perfect Sphynx cat for yourself or your family.

This cat breed is very special and unique, therefore it may be harder to find reputable breeders in some places. I’ve managed to find only two Sphynx breeders in Oregon.

However, knowing that this may not be enough, this article also provides you with adoption sites as well as other sites where you can look for a Sphynx cat for sale in Oregon or any other state in the United States.

In short, I hope that this article helped you, and that you’ll find a perfect Sphynx cat friend who you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time!

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