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This Smart Sphynx Cat Rightfully Bears The Title Of “The Puzzle Master” And Here’s Why

This Smart Sphynx Cat Rightfully Bears The Title Of “The Puzzle Master” And Here’s Why

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Our feline friends are known for their intelligence, but some are downright feline geniuses. 

Marshal, a brilliant Sphynx cat, is one such whiz. He’s become a pro at solving every food puzzle his owner, Lindsey, presents to him. Let’s get into his story!

cat wearing vest
Credit: lindseykuzmin

Ever since he was a kitten, Marshal’s playful nature shone through. He was immediately drawn to all the cat toys his siblings had and loved the new ones Lindsey got just for him. 

His first food puzzle was actually intended for his sister Leela, another stunning Sphynx.

Leela, known as a rather fast eater, apparently needed something like a food puzzle to help her slow down and chew the food properly. 

However, she wasn’t too fond of the puzzle and quickly abandoned it, leaving Marshal to take over.

cat exploring
Credit: lindseykuzmin

Despite facing some initial challenges with his first puzzle, Marshal wasn’t one to back down easily – probably because he’s apparently always been super motivated by food. 

His determination was so strong, he even got into some late-night puzzle-solving sessions! 

With a bit of practice and guidance from Lindsey, Marshal quickly figured it out and became a puzzle-solving machine.

cat looking at food puzzle
Credit: lindseykuzmin

With each new puzzle, Marshal seemed to solve them with increasing ease. He even figured out how to open the food container by himself! 

Lindsey continued to challenge him with new puzzles, sharing his triumphs on Instagram. 

She even tried dog puzzles, thinking they might be tougher, but Marshal mastered them all. Check out this little genius in action:

Lindsey reports that Marshal can solve these puzzles in just a few minutes, sometimes even less, which is seriously impressive.

Sometimes he struggles a bit, sometimes he gets lazy, but he eventually figures out everything on his own and gets to enjoy a yummy treat. 

cat with food puzzles
Credit: lindseykuzmin

In a recent Instagram video, Lindsey showcased Marshal tackling the most expensive food puzzle on the market, costing nearly $100. 

You guessed it – Marshal solved that one too!

Don’t know about you, but I’m seriously impressed with this kitty. Marshal is my kind of car hero!

For more of this brilliant Sphynx’s escapades, check out Lindsey’s Instagram profile. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll find a puzzle that stumps him… but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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