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This Spicy Cat Hates Her Uncle And Isn’t Afraid To Show It

This Spicy Cat Hates Her Uncle And Isn’t Afraid To Show It

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When I tell you this is the spiciest cat in the world – I mean it. Attica, a chunky tabby cat has love only for her dad and she makes sure everyone knows it. 

What makes this cat so spicy? Well, this fluffball will snap at anyone who pets her the wrong way or even comes close to her. 

cat hissing
Credit: YouTube

At first, her parents Trevor and Nicole thought she might be having some underlying health issues. However, after several vet visits, it turns out it was just her sassy cattitude!

Although Attica was a bit chunky and needed a diet, their feline friend was completely healthy! Despite her spicy attitude, there was one person Attica loved. As her mom Nicole said in her video:

“Attica is definitely Daddy’s little girl.”

man sitting next to a cat
Credit: YouTube

Trevor was the only one who could snuggle up with her, without worrying about Attica snapping his way. She would always come close to Trevor and ask for some cuddles, but even this can be deceiving sometimes. As Trevor mentioned:

“She is definitely loving with me, for sure. But other people have tried. She will give off the vibe that she wants to be pet or get attention and then as soon as they don’t pet her the correct way, she immediately snaps.”

cat hissing at a man
Credit: YouTube

Whenever Trevor and Nicole have their friends over, chunky Attica would pick a victim, ask for some attention, and then snap at them!

However, one person in particular was very close to Trevor and Nicole – their best friend Andrew. He was spending a lot of time at their apartment so it was crucial for him to get along with Attica. 

cat angry at uncle
Credit: YouTube

Unfortunately, he was the person Attica hated the most. As soon as Andrew would walk inside, she would start hissing at him! Since Andrew was so close to Attica’s parents, they had to find a way for the two of them to coexist. 

Andrew started approaching Attica slowly, and at times she allowed him to pet her. This would last for about two seconds before she would snap at him! As Andrew shared:

“You get false belief that you’ve gained her trust. In a split second, you’ve gone from ‘Oh my God she actually likes me,’ to you might have a little bit of a scratch on your hand.”

man lying on floor next to a cat
Credit: YouTube

Her uncle Andrew was not giving up! He wanted to bond with spicy Attica since he was spending a lot of time with them. 

Andrew started playing and offering her some treats, and chunky Attica instantly fell for it! After a few weeks, she allowed Andrew to pet her, this time around without consequences. As Andrew mentioned:

“Overall, I’ve made progress. Attica’s had several milestones with me. She’s let me pet her. She’s even come to sit next to me on the couch.”

man looking at cat covered in blanket
Credit: YouTube

Today, Attica is on a weight loss journey and she finally learned how to coexist with her uncle Andrew! As Andrew also said:

“She definitely keeps things interesting, that’s for sure.”

Hopefully, the two will become the best of friends in the future and if you want to keep up with this chunky spicy girl make sure to follow her over on Instagram!

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