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Stray Cat In A Desperate Condition Follows A Woman Begging To Be Adopted

Stray Cat In A Desperate Condition Follows A Woman Begging To Be Adopted

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While scrolling through realms of social media the other day, I stumbled upon a quote from an unknown author saying:

“The best thing about being alive on Earth is that sometimes there’s a kitty.”

Yup, these cute furballs definitely possess the power to boost our serotonin levels in a split second. However, now I want to share a story that, I hope, will inspire you to offer your help and love to these precious creatures.

In a YouTube video that went viral, a woman describes her encounter with a poor stray cat in desperate need of help. While walking to her home, the woman noticed a dirty white stray in terrible condition curled up on the ground.

cat in bad condition
Credit: YouTube

Her long white fur was covered in dirt, she looked seriously malnourished and had patches of exposed skin on her back. Yet, despite her horrible appearance, the kitty was actually very friendly and affectionate.

Apparently used to human contact, she got up to greet the woman approaching her. After a quick “meet & greet” session with a poor, yet extremely lovely feline, the woman was about to leave, but the kitty had different plans.

stray cat lying
Credit: YouTube

Terrified to be left behind, the kitty followed the woman, meowing with an endearing urgency; it was like she begged to be taken care of. Deeply touched by this saddening scene, the woman had no other choice but to take the cat home.

As she scooped her up, the kitty started purring out of pure happiness. The times of uncertainty and struggle were coming to an end as she was being taken to her new home…

close-up photo of the stray cat
Credit: YouTube

However, first things first: the kitty, now named Nyura, had to stop by a vet clinic for a quick yet thorough examination. While staying on the street, she lacked many things, one of which was medical attention.

After receiving all necessary medical care to help her regain her health, Nyura was ready to go home, where a new life awaited to begin for her.

cat on a white pillow
Credit: YouTube

With proper care, nourishment, and lots of love and support, Nyura soon transformed into her gorgeous true self. The poor stray cat she had once been is now just a distant memory.

The woman who saved Nyura decided to offer her a forever home. The two of them formed a strong bond and now live a blissful life together, filled with love and lots of cuddles.

close-up photo of the cat
Credit: YouTube

Now let’s get back to the beginning of our story and the quote “…sometimes there’s a kitty.”

Yes, very often there’s a kitty who needs our help. I hope Nyura has inspired you to look around for animals in need. If you’re not ready to adopt yet, you can always feed them.  Let’s make each other’s lives easier and more beautiful.

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