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Poor Stray Cat Knocked On The Door Asking For Food, But The Story Takes An Unexpected Turn

Poor Stray Cat Knocked On The Door Asking For Food, But The Story Takes An Unexpected Turn

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The universe works in mysterious ways, and so does the Cat Distribution System. Just because you hadn’t planned on adopting a kitten, doesn’t mean that the system won’t reward you with one!

That’s exactly how this couple’s story goes: they were handpicked by the mysterious forces, a.k.a CDS, to become proud pawrents of an adorable white beauty. It all began when a fluffy snowball showed up at their door, seemingly asking for food. 

“This is a stray cat often fed in front of the apartment. Today she suddenly came to my door asking for food.”

cat on the door
Credit: YouTube

But it seems the kitty had a plan from the very beginning. One unexpected meal soon led to a full-service of both breakfast and dinner.

“She would come at least twice a day and meow at the door each time.”

With her cute little face asking to be smooched, the couple couldn’t resist. The kitty received deluxe treatment that included various delicious snacks and plenty of pets.

cat taking a food on the door
Credit: YouTube

As the days went by, the bond between the couple and the furry guest grew stronger. After two weeks, it was time to take the next step and…move in together!

One thing about cats is that they are sophisticated and know their way around humans. They often utilize a gentle approach, seamlessly integrating into your life, and before you even notice, you’ve got a new family member.

cat with different eye color
Credit: YouTube

Despite some initial concerns about adoption, considering they already had two furry companions, the couple decided to adopt the kitty and provide her with a loving home.

Mission… almost fulfilled! There were still a couple of things that needed to be taken care of to ensure the kitty’s health and happiness, and that everything was in perfect order.

funny cat in the bag
Credit: YouTube

First stop, the vet clinic. 

Before welcoming the cat to her new furever home, her future owners took her to the vet for a check-up. Once the kitty was given all the necessary treatments, she was ready to come to her new home.

cat with blue end green eye
Credit: YouTube

The second step was choosing a perfect name for her. What would be the perfect name for this gorgeous white goofball with mesmerizing blue and orange eyes? 

“The first day after coming home she got her new name Little Beauty.”

So simple, yet so perfect!

Little Beauty’s final task was to meet her furry siblings for the first time. Welcoming a new sister is a significant event and can be quite overwhelming, so the pawrents felt somewhat concerned.

But it turned out that there was no reason to worry. QiQi, the younger sister, gave her a warm welcome. Ok, it wasn’t really warm, but it was not bad either. Her determined stare seemed to say: “Welcome to your new family. I’ll keep my eye on you.”

grey cat in mans hands
Credit: YouTube

With the most stressful part of the journey behind her, Little Beauty could relax now. Adjusting to a new environment takes time, but it’s a lot easier when the change has been from bad to great.

Playing with new fun toys, who doesn’t like that? And all these delicious treats just for me? I’m in!

fluffy cat looking at toy
Credit: YouTube

Little Beauty’s new parents did their best to make this transition easy for her. They were caring and patient, giving Little Beauty enough time and space to explore her new surroundings.

They were especially careful and patient with introducing new practices that cats aren’t really keen on, like bathing. However, with their unlimited love and kindness, Little Beauty was able to adapt to her new lifestyle easily. 

cat licking food
Credit: YouTube

From enjoying her favorite food to relaxing in her favorite spot and slowly blinking at her humans to show affection, Little Beauty now spends her days enjoying herself to the fullest.

She even enjoys her occasional strolls around the neighborhood.

white cat with different color eyes
Credit: YouTube

The Cat Distribution System really knows what it’s doing! On a more serious note, this heartwarming and inspiring tale of a cat finding a new home carries an important message.

Stray cats are often averse to human contact and keep a safe distance to protect themselves. The fact that she was instantly friendly and actually seeking adoption could mean that domestic life was not unfamiliar to her.

white cat on the bed
Credit: YouTube

Owning a pet comes with responsibilities, and unfortunately, many people fall short, leading to the abandonment of their furry companions.

That could be a story of Little Beauty too. Fortunately, she found this incredibly sweet and loving pair of hoomans who were ready to take care of her.

white cat looking up
Credit: YouTube

We know that cats choose their owners, and it seems that she chose well!

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