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Stray Cat Comforts Exhausted Nurse On His Break

Stray Cat Comforts Exhausted Nurse On His Break

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Ahmed Flaty, a guy training to become a nurse during his hospital internship, got a lovely surprise from a stray cat. Though work was tough, Ahmed pushed through with determination. 

During a short break outside the hospital, the adorable ginger cat came over and cuddled with him. 

He didn’t have many breaks during his shifts, but even during one of those short breaks, surprises could happen! This one time, while he was sitting in front of the hospital, this ginger beauty managed to surprise him with cuddles and purrs. 

Guy holding a cat

I bet that was the best break Ahmed ever had!

Ahmed was sitting outside in front of the hospital with his colleagues when this little stray cat climbed onto his lap and dozed off, showing trust even though stray cats are usually wary due to mistreatment. 

This cute ginger cat seemed to know Ahmed needed comfort. They spent the whole break together, and it left Ahmed feeling much better.

“I had been on a 12-hour shift continuously for like 20 days straight, but that cat made all that seem like nothing. Honestly, it really was the best moment of this whole year so far.”

Nurse holding a cat

Since that encounter, Ahmed hasn’t seen his surprise feline friend again, but he keeps hoping to spot her during his breaks. This heartwarming story touched many hearts…

People like Nicole Harter commented: 

“The way animals can just pull the stress right out of you is truly amazing.”

Patsy Austin wrote: 

“So glad this little baby was able to comfort this poor guy. When we are suffering and tired, a gift appears from nowhere. Glad this fellow got his.”

I hope you enjoyed this touching story of their encounter. It’s a shame the kitty left before Ahmed could figure out a way to keep her. He’s sorry he had to get back to work, but still hopes to meet her again someday.

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