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Stray Cat In Dire State Was Hiding In Fear Until She Was Given A Helping Hand

Stray Cat In Dire State Was Hiding In Fear Until She Was Given A Helping Hand

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Despite many cats facing the harsh realities of stray life after being abandoned, it’s heartbreaking that they are often chased away by people who refuse to help them.

Cats who endure such trauma usually end up fending for themselves, hiding in fear from humans. 

This sad fate seemed destined for a young and tiny cat with short legs until a Good Samaritan stumbled upon her and decided to give her a helping hand.

injured white cat
Source: YouTube

One hot day, a kind-hearted rescuer from Animal Care Haven discovered a white cat in a dire state, hiding in fear. As he couldn’t turn a blind eye to her, he gently approached her and took her to his shop.

After seeing the poor cat’s condition, the man’s heart broke into pieces. She was skinny, with her face dirty and swollen, appearing quite ill.

Determined to help, he took her to a pet hospital that afternoon. Unfortunately, a detailed examination revealed that the cat suffered from eyelid edema and a respiratory infection.

sweet white cat
Source: YouTube

Due to her health issues, her rescuer couldn’t take her home right away to avoid risking his other pets’ health. Therefore, he began treating the kitty in his shop until she fully recovered.

After administering anti-inflammatory drugs, the cat’s swelling reduced, but she still had a long road to recovery. In the meantime, the cat was exploring the shop and slowly started coming out of her shell.

white stray cat
Source: YouTube

The rescuer named her Fifteen, as he rescued her on the fifteenth. She quickly started to love her new space and warmed up to her rescuer. Her overall condition notably improved, which was even more encouraging.

Fifteen had a great appetite and began showing great interest in playtime. However, she needed to be quarantined for a month before her rescuer could take her home and introduce her to his other furry friends.

adorable stray cat
Source: YouTube

Still, Fifteen had a lot of fun during her quarantine. She was constantly eating, sleeping, and playing, basically thriving in her new life. 

After being dewormed and getting a warm bath, Fifteen blossomed and even gained significant weight. She was a completely different cat from when she was first rescued.

four cats
Source: YouTube

Finally, she had one more step to take before entering her forever home. Her rescuer took her to the vet for a final check-up to ensure she had no contagious diseases. 

While Fifteen didn’t exactly enjoy the check-up, the good thing was her results were negative, and she could finally go home. 

happy white cat
Source: YouTube

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Fifteen to adjust to her new home. She instantly settled in and made friends with other felines. Her true personality finally started to shine through.

Although she’s sometimes very naughty, what matters the most is that she’s off the streets and thriving in a new life next to a man and furry friends who adore her.

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