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Man Worried The Cat He Rescued From Starbucks Wouldn’t Make It But Look At Her Now

Man Worried The Cat He Rescued From Starbucks Wouldn’t Make It But Look At Her Now

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One of the most devoted cat lovers and rescuers, David Loop, recently added a new furry member to his family. However, their beginning wasn’t looking very promising.

It all began one day when David heard about a stray tortie cat, in horrible condition, living outside the Starbucks. 

When he arrived at the location, the cat was so weak and lethargic that she could barely move. To make matters more complicated, this cat had a bit of an attitude, hissing and lashing out in fear whenever David tried to help.

Experienced as he is, David managed to safely place the poor cat into the carrier and give her all the help she so desperately needed.

abandoned cat outdoor
Credit: YouTube

Upon their arrival at the rescue, the cat was still very fearful, constantly hissing at David, unaware of his intentions to help. Sadly, she was in such a bad condition that David feared the worst. He said:

“I was very scared that she wasn’t going to make it.”

But, giving up wasn’t in David’s nature. He was determined to help the cat, whom he named Zoey. Slowly but surely, Zoey realized David was just trying to help her, and that was when her demeanor started to change.

injured cat being cuddled
Credit: YouTube

After Zoey calmed down, David took her to the emergency vet, where they discovered her red blood cell count was dangerously low. Still, David believed in Zoey and her recovery. He recalled:

“When I took her home that night from the emergency vet, I was up all night with her. She was completely lethargic.”

David provided Zoey with round-the-clock care, and despite being weak and lethargic, she finally managed to stand on her paws without anyone’s help.

sick cat
Credit: YouTube

Zoey began recovering both physically and emotionally, all thanks to David’s dedication and determination. One night, he even got in Zoey’s crate, explaining:

“It’s so important for me to spend time with the animals I rescue. The reason I got in the crate with her is because I just wanted her to feel safe. I wanted her to feel loved. I firmly believe that if they have somebody to comfort them, I think that gives them a stronger will to live.”

And David was right! All these things he did for Zoey were worth it as her overall condition kept improving.

senior man with cat looking at camera
Credit: YouTube

Not only did her health improve, but she also transformed into a lovely kitty who formed a strong bond with her rescuer. He added:

“One of the milestones with Zoey was, as I was walking up to her, I would always say, ‘Hi Zoey.’ And she went, ‘Meow.’”

Thanks to David, Zoey progressed so much. From a spicy stray cat who barely moved, she blossomed into a lovely furry girl who loves to be held like a baby.

man sleeping with cat in cage
Credit: YouTube

However, what happened next will truly warm your heart. Most cats and kittens Davis rescues are usually adopted when the time is right. But, Zoey’s story took a different turn. He said:

“Zoey is not up for adoption. I’m going to keep her. Every bond you form with the animals who come into rescue is special. But, her and I just had this instant connection, and I knew that I couldn’t let her go.”

I’m happy for both David and Zoey and their whole journey. She’s finally happy, with a roof over her head and a human to love.

happy cat with man laying
Credit: YouTube

If you think her transformation is truly remarkable as I do, then make sure you share this amazing story with your loved ones.  

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