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Stray Cat Brought A Tiny Kitten To A Loving Family To Shield Him From The Raging Storm

Stray Cat Brought A Tiny Kitten To A Loving Family To Shield Him From The Raging Storm

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Parents will go to great lengths for their children, and that includes furry ones as well! In this amazing story I’m about to tell you, a stray cat named Red went above and beyond for one little kitten. 

One day he brought the little one to the safety of Elizabeth Egeland’s home. Elizabeth, who lives in Massachusetts, was completely confused when she found a small 2-week-old kitten roaming in her basement. 

cat on a crafting table
Source: Reddit

Not knowing where the kitten came from, she decided to review the security camera footage in her basement for any clues. The footage showed Red, a cat who always came to her house for food and sleep, coming inside through the window. 

However, this time he wasn’t by himself – he was carefully holding a tiny kitten in his mouth, which was believed to be his son. As Elizabeth shared on Reddit:

“We have this stray/part-time Cat Red that stayed the winter with us. 9 days ago he delivered us a 2 week old kitten! My partner didn’t think the security camera had that much storage, but today I decided to investigate for myself, and here are the 8 glorious seconds of Red’s delivery! I’m so thankful he trusts me enough to care for what we suspect is his son”.

Caught the CDS making a newborn delivery on our Cat door security cam!
byu/PurplePenguinPants42 inCatDistributionSystem

Elizabeth felt a deep emotional connection when she saw how much trust Red had in her. She thought it was incredible that he chose her home as a safe place for this little kitten.

However, at first, they were clueless about how Red stumbled upon the little kitten and why he decided to take it to Elizabeth’s house.

woman feeding white newborn kitten
Source: Reddit

She later tried reaching out to her neighbors, hoping someone would recognize the kitten, but unfortunately, her search turned up no leads. 

Soon enough, they realized that Red’s timing couldn’t have been better. Right after he brought the kitten in, a powerful storm swept through the area. Without Red’s help, the tiny kitten could’ve been in serious trouble.

Fluffernutter, as he was called due to his fluffy fur, became a part of Elizabeth’s life immediately. She quickly took on the role of caring for the kitten and gave him all the love and attention he required to grow.

white newborn kitten
Source: Reddit

However, the story doesn’t end there. Red hasn’t neglected his newfound duty. He visited regularly and made sure Fluffernutter was doing well.

With time, Fluffernutter became an expert climber and grew up strong and healthy. Although Elizabeth and her boyfriend couldn’t adopt Fluffernutter because they already have many pets, they’ve found a wonderful solution.

mother cat feeding kitten
Source: Reddit

Elizabeth’s boyfriend’s sister offered to give Fluffernutter a forever home once the kitten was old enough for adoption. 

It’s heartwarming to see how everyone came together to ensure Fluffernutter’s happiness and well-being.

white kitten playing with ball
Source:  Elizabeth Egeland

In a way, I’m glad this whole situation happened. Many people always say that male cats are distant and uninterested, but sometimes they can really surprise us with their fatherly instincts, and this story just proves it.

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