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X-Ray Reveals Surprising Object Lodged In Cat’s Throat Piercing His Mouth

X-Ray Reveals Surprising Object Lodged In Cat’s Throat Piercing His Mouth

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Kevin, a cat from Portland, Oregon, is a perfect example of how being curious can sometimes get you into trouble. 

He is known for always wanting to explore new things, but one day he ended up in a scary situation that no cat (or person) would want to be in – he had a sewing needle stuck in his mouth. 

DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital shared Kevin’s story to remind all pet owners about the hidden dangers that can be found in our homes.

According to local reports, Kevin snuck into a child’s room where sewing supplies were left out. He got curious about strange objects, so he decided to examine them up close. 

cat with collar
Credit: Facebook

Unfortunately, his investigation took a bad turn when he accidentally swallowed a sewing needle. Since his body couldn’t break down the foreign object, it tried to reject it.

Sadly, the needle got stuck in a sensitive area – his hard palate, even extending into his nasal cavity. He felt so much pain and discomfort, that he couldn’t even swallow and it caused vomiting.

At first, Kevin’s family didn’t know why he was sick. However, they noticed that he was acting strangely – throwing up and having trouble eating – so they took him to urgent care. 

xray of cat
Credit: Facebook

But even after the doctors checked him, they still didn’t know what was wrong. Luckily, Kevin’s story didn’t stop there. 

The urgent care center sent him to DoveLewis, a special hospital that deals with more complicated cases. 

The vets there did a careful exam while Kevin was asleep to figure out what was going on. It was during this exam that they finally found the problem – a sewing needle stuck in Kevin’s mouth.

Thankfully, the DoveLewis team acted really fast. They used their special skills and were able to take out the needle completely, avoiding any further injuries. 

cat on xray
Credit: Facebook

Because of his family’s quick thinking and the amazing team at DoveLewis, Kevin is all better now. He’s back to being his usual self, and maybe he’s learned a little something from this scary experience.

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