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Mischievous Tabby Cat Can’t Resist Climbing Trees, Yet Never Figures Out How To Get Down

Mischievous Tabby Cat Can’t Resist Climbing Trees, Yet Never Figures Out How To Get Down

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If there’s anything we know about cats, it’s that they love to climb trees – and often get stuck high up in them. 

These little rascals have a natural knack for finding themselves in sticky situations from which they almost always need a little help from their human friends.

Recently, a Louisiana-based cat rescuer named Randall Kolb, a.k.a. Cat Rescue Guy, received a call about his well-known furry friend, Simon. 

Randall and Simon first met in a tree (Where else?) when Simon was still a kitten. Even at a young age, this mischievous tabby exhibited an adventurous spirit, typical of true tree-climbing enthusiasts.

Randall could never have guessed that rescuing Simon just once from a tree would mean he’d have to do it again, and again, and again…

Simon’s First Rescue

Simon’s first tree rescue happened when he was just three months old. 

Driven by curiosity, he climbed a tree in his front yard near Bunkie, Louisiana, without putting much thought into the consequences.

Soon after reaching the top, he realized his predicament and tried to find his way down. However, his initial bravery quickly turned to fear, and all Simon could do was whine in distress. 

When Simon’s family realized what had happened, they tried to lure him down, but their efforts only made him climb higher.

When Randall arrived, Simon had already spent two nights stuck in a tree, 50 feet above the ground. Knowing how distressed and hungry Simon must have been, Randall immediately got to work. 

He set his rope about 40 feet up in the tree, planning to climb higher from there. Randall was initially worried that he might scare Simon, causing him to climb even higher. 

Fortunately, these concerns were soon alleviated as Simon proved more than willing to cooperate with his rescuer.

On his blog, Randall shared how Simon made the rescue mission surprisingly easy. He said:

“Once he saw me climbing up to him, he got so excited that he came down to me. That desperate boy overcame his fear and worked his way down toward me while repeatedly losing and then regaining his grip on the stem.”

Although descending was a bit challenging for young Simon, he eventually made it to Randall.

After a proper introduction and a couple of friendly sniffs and headbutts, Simon walked into his carrier and was finally on his way home, where he cuddled with his favorite stuffed toy for hours.

Here’s the video of the entire rescue mission that Randall posted on his YouTube channel:

Simon’s Second Rescue

Barely three months after first rescuing Simon, the adventurous tabby found himself stuck in a tree. Again. This time, however, it was a different, lower tree, making it much easier to climb. 

For Randall, this meant he could use one of his favorite cat-rescuing techniques, which he seldom gets to practice.

“My favorite way to bring a cat down from a tree is on my lap. That is the simplest, most natural, and most pleasant way to bring a cat down, but it’s rare that I get to do it. (…) When I arrived to rescue Simon near Bunkie, it was clear that this would be one time when a lap rescue might be appropriate.”

Simon was only 20 feet up in another tree near his home, where he had spent one night. This time, however, he was much more confident moving through the branches. 

As Randall circled the tree, Simon followed, trying to get as close as possible to his favorite rescuer. Although he enjoyed his time up in the tree, he was clearly ready to come down. 

Impatiently, Simon waited for Randall to climb up to him. Randall recounted:

“When I climbed up to him, he readily greeted me, sniffed my hand, let me pet him, and, after that, he was ready to step on my lap. He was calm and comfortable on my lap, so I took him down while cradling him with one arm.”

Once they were about three feet off the ground, Simon indicated he wanted to jump down. 

Since it was safe, Cat Rescue Guy let him, after which Simon happily ran around his yard, enjoying his newfound freedom. 

His family watched him enjoy his moment before bringing him back inside. Simon’s tree-climbing escapades made one thing certain for them: No more outdoor adventures for this curious cat!

Simon’s Third And Final Rescue – Or Maybe Not?

When Simon’s family contacted Randall for the third time, it was clear that Simon had a severe addiction to climbing trees. 

This adventurous tabby had already found himself stuck in various trees around his home six times, though his family managed to rescue him themselves on three of those occasions. 

This time, however, they needed the Cat Rescue Guy’s expertise more than ever.

Despite Simon’s family’s best efforts to keep their curious kitty indoors, he still somehow managed to find his way outside. And once he was out, he sought out a new tree he had never climbed before.

For Randall, this third rescue was another easy one. Simon was only around 25 feet up, and since they were already familiar with each other, all Simon had to do was walk inside the carrier. Which is exactly what he did! 

In his blog, Randall commented on Simon’s third rescue, saying he wished every cat rescue could be as quick and easy as this one. 

He also had nothing but kind words for his buddy, Simon:

“I love rescuing Simon because he is a lovable, sweet boy and is always happy to see me and as cooperative as he can be with me. This third time was no exception.”

I must admit I find Simon’s story highly entertaining. I love his quirky affinity for trees and the bond he shares with his rescuer, Randall.

I’m certain their friendship won’t end with this third rescue, as it surely isn’t the last. Next time Simon misses his favorite rescuer, he’ll find his way high up in a neighboring tree.

What do you think? Is this the last of Simon’s escapades? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Also, feel free to follow Cat Rescue Guy on Facebook to stay on top of his marvelous cat rescue missions. 

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