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California Shelter Rescued A Talkative Cat But Finding Him A Forever Home Was Not Easy 

California Shelter Rescued A Talkative Cat But Finding Him A Forever Home Was Not Easy 

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Shelters across our country work tirelessly to rescue and eventually find homes for cats who spent most of their lives on the streets.

However, some cats require special attention or are too old, and finding them a forever home can be quite a challenge. 

Smittens Rescue from San Diego, California recently rescued an adorable tuxedo cat. This gentle boy was rescued from a parking lot where he was patiently waiting for someone to love him. 

adorable black and white cat
Source: Instagram

Once they brought him to the shelter, the volunteers soon realized, Monte was a pretty special cat. 

This adorable special fluffball was so needy and talkative that the volunteers gave him the nickname ‘Constant Contact’. Monte was constantly asking for cuddles, meowing loudly at everyone who came close to him.

cat on a leash
Source: Instagram

Adorably, Monte enjoyed walks on a leash. The shelter volunteers would take him out to Petsmart, where he inspected all the new toys on the market.

However, even the staff at Petsmart would have to stop and cuddle Monte. He would meow at them until they finally stopped what they were doing and gave their attention to him. As the shelter described him in one of their posts on Instagram:

“Just your average, friendly cat who enjoys long walks at the store, pets all day every day, meowing, and listening to Limp Bizkit.”

cat in toy store
Source: Instagram

Monte was a talkative and gentle cuddle bug, everything a cat owner could wish for. Shortly after, he attended an adoption event together with other cats and kittens from Smittens Rescue.

Sadly, that day not a single application was filled for sweet Monte. Heartbroken, they posted about it in an update:

“Monte received no applications at our adoption event. Please share to help him find a home!”

black and white cat laying down
Source: Instagram

They were heartbroken that such a sweet boy as Monte struggled to find a home. However, thanks to this post and their followers, Monte received over 40 applications in just one night!

Just two days later, Monte was on his way to his forever home. His new family named him Mushi and he could finally get all the cuddles in this world.

beautiful black and white cat
Source: Instagram

Thanks to Smittens Rescue and the amazing community of San Diego, this sweet boy was finally safe. 

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