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Two Three-Week-Old Kittens Face A Challenging Start In Life After Being Abandoned In A Box

Two Three-Week-Old Kittens Face A Challenging Start In Life After Being Abandoned In A Box

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With each passing day, there are more and more abandoned cats and kittens. However, stories like this one truly restore our faith in humanity. Keep reading and see it for yourself!

This is the heartwarming tale of two tiny kittens, Binx, the ginger one, and Salem, the flame point kitten. Sadly, they faced a challenging start in life after being abandoned at just three weeks old.

The kittens were discovered behind a kind-hearted resident’s home, abandoned in a cardboard box. Recognizing that they needed professional help, the resident immediately reached out to the rescue community.

Upon hearing about these two furry souls, Caroline Grace from Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, California, wasted no time in offering her support. 

She contacted a fosterer named Jessica to take in the kittens and provide them with the necessary care.

Jessica wholeheartedly accepted the call for help and began caring for the adorable fur babies. 

They were covered in fleas, so she first gave them a bath, then provided nourishment, all while showering them with love and attention.

She did her best to provide the kittens with the best care possible and to reassure them they were finally safe. Once the kittens began to recover and realized they were in good hands, their true personalities began to emerge.

They explored their new surroundings, all while showing a great deal of love and gratitude to Jessica. What’s more, the bond between the kittens was truly remarkable.

Binx and Salem had been inseparable from the very beginning and had gone through so much together while holding onto each other.

Everything was fine until Jessica noticed something unusual about Binx’s hind legs. His legs were sprawled out, a condition known as swimmer syndrome

This condition causes the hind legs to splay out to the side, making it difficult to stand or even walk normally.  

Jessica immediately included intensive therapy sessions for Binx, and he began making progress. Throughout his therapy, his faithful friend Salem was always by his side, offering love and support.

After a few weeks of therapy, Binx’s legs were completely corrected, and he was finally able to run and play with his furry friend Salem once again.

Later on, Binx and Salem continued their foster journey with another caring woman named Jayne, who couldn’t help but admire their unbreakable bond.

Witnessing the strength of their bond, Jayne knew they needed to be adopted together. And after seeing how charming they both were, she knew that wouldn’t be a problem.

Not long after Binx and Salem were put up for adoption, a wonderful family showed interest in the furry pair. The family had recently said goodbye to their beloved senior cats and wanted to adopt another pair, giving them a chance at life.

When they met Binx and Salem for the first time and witnessed their strong bond, they knew they had found what they were looking for.

The family eventually adopted the furry siblings and gave them the names Juni and Olly. Now, they are living a happy life filled with love and joy, just as they always deserved!

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