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Foster Mom Films Two Of Her Kittens Skillfully Slipping Through Shutter Doors

Foster Mom Films Two Of Her Kittens Skillfully Slipping Through Shutter Doors

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When it comes to crawling through tight spaces, our feline friends are true experts. With their agile bodies and remarkable abilities, they can navigate just about any opening.

One might assume that this incredible talent they possess develops with age, but the reality is that our furry companions are actually born with it!

Yup, their amazing skill has its roots in kittenhood – a fact the foster mom in today’s story had to learn firsthand!

cats on shutter doors
Credit: disalsa4

Di is a skilled foster parent with many years of experience. Despite her familiarity with feline behavior, her furry charges never cease to amaze her with their unique antics.

Recently, she shared a video on her TikTok featuring two of her foster kittens playfully poking their heads through a shutter door in her home.

Guided by their curiosity, the two fluffs wanted to explore what lay on the other side of the door. 

However, as is often the case, they quickly figured out that sticking their little heads through the individual slots meant they could also slip their entire bodies through and venture into the unknown.

And that’s precisely what they did!

kittens passing through shutters
Credit: disalsa4

Di jokingly wrote in the video,“ Whose idea was it to get shutter doors?” as if the kittens were exposing the design flaws like seasoned interior designers. 

Thankfully, these doors didn’t lead outside; who knows where these two rascals might have ended up!

kittens running after passing shutters
Credit: disalsa4

People in the comments section couldn’t get enough of the two kittens! One person wrote:

“It’s like teenagers escaping to partying on a Friday night.”

While another person added:

“Having cats means zero privacy. My cat cries when I go to the loo. Like, I’ll be 2 seconds.”

Sure, these kittens might be invading their foster mom’s privacy, but they do it so adorably that no one in this world could blame them. 

With their cute escape mission, how could anyone stay mad, right?

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