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Bidens’ Cat Willow Shows Her Cattitude In Their New Holiday Video

Bidens’ Cat Willow Shows Her Cattitude In Their New Holiday Video

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Let’s talk about a heartwarming sensation taking the White House by storm this holiday season – none other than Willow, the beloved cat of President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden! 

Willow is stealing the spotlight during this festive time, starring in a delightful video showcasing the enchanting holiday decorations at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., all themed around “Magic, Wonder, and Joy.”

cat and woman filming
Credit: YouTube

First Lady Jill Biden couldn’t hide her excitement when she discovered faux snowflakes adorning Willow’s fur. The touching video, released by The Dodo, captures the magic of the moment. 

This 3-year-old gray feline is on a curious adventure, exploring every nook and cranny of the White House decorations. She even takes a moment to investigate a life-sized cat figure designed to look just like her.

And here’s the sweet twist! Remember when Willow famously crashed one of the first lady’s speeches back in 2020 at a farm in Willow Grove, Pa.? 

“It was amazing, really. She came to one of my speeches in a barn. She came and sat on the chair and listened to the speech.”

Jill Biden fondly reminisces about that adorable encounter, sharing how Willow hopped onstage and stole the show. What a truly unforgettable moment!

cute cat playing with fake snow
Credit: YouTube

The Bidens welcomed Willow into the White House last year, officially making her a part of the presidential pet family. 

But this latest video isn’t Willow’s first taste of fame – she previously starred in a heartwarming video with The Dodo when she first arrived at the White House. 

Now, let’s talk about Joanna Zelman, the executive producer behind the scenes. She admitted to feeling a bit jittery when meeting Willow, confessing that she had never been so nervous to meet a cat. 

But guess what? Willow turned out to be an absolute delight! Zelman couldn’t stop gushing about Willow’s friendly nature, describing her as “maybe the friendliest cat she’s ever pet.”

woman filming a cat and woman
Credit: YouTube

This holiday season, Willow isn’t just a furry friend; she’s become a symbol of joy and warmth at the White House. 

Her playful antics and lovable personality are melting hearts everywhere, making her the perfect addition to their holiday celebrations. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on this adorable feline sensation! 

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