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Unique Kitty From San Francisco Proves Everyone That Love Is Not Blind – But Cross-Eyed

Unique Kitty From San Francisco Proves Everyone That Love Is Not Blind – But Cross-Eyed

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All of my cats were once shelter or street cats, and I have zero regrets about it. Now, I literally can’t imagine my life without them; they make my life better. 

This is why rescue and adoption stories always warm my heart, because I know that both sides will be happier than ever. Here’s another one to warm your heart too!

A beautiful cross-eyed cat was abandoned at a shelter, hopeless, until one day a woman recognized his uniqueness and fell in love with him.

This is how it all started… Belarus is a beautiful and charming, long-haired gray cat with crossed eyes that make him so unique. 

He lived beautifully in San Francisco until his former family surrendered him to an animal shelter because they had to move and couldn’t take him with them. I can’t imagine moving and leaving my cats behind. I’m sure that those who want to, find a way!

Belarus was a main attraction at the shelter, not only for his unique appearance but also for his lovely personality. He’s very friendly, affectionate, and charming. He had every possible predisposition required for getting adopted – he was a perfect pet cat.

Still, the shelter staff wanted to help him out a bit, so they created an Instagram profile featuring his photos with a witty caption:

“Love is not blind – it’s cross-eyed!”

While Belarus was hopelessly waiting for someone to pick him up at the shelter, a woman named Rachel was looking for a new feline friend. I think it was destined for them to meet.

Rachel stumbled upon Belarus and was enchanted by his googly eyes. Belarus felt something positive about her, so he snuggled up to her the first time they met, clearly wanting to go home with her.

It was love at first sight, so Rachel immediately contacted the shelter to adopt Belarus. The poor cat had no idea how lucky he is and what good things await him.

From the moment Belarus joined Rachel’s family, he immediately became a beloved pet, showered with a lot of love, attention, and affection. However, that’s not the only thing he got along with his new, loving home.

Rachel posted photos of her beloved boy Belarus on Instagram, which gained him immense popularity. Thanks to that, his profile now boasts over 397k followers.

Still, that’s not the only positive thing that came out of his popularity; he even attracted companies who wanted to donate to animal charities and shelters.

A company, Bonfire, contacted Rachel and collaborated with her to create a range of clothing featuring Belarus’s goofy grin, with all profits donated to animal charities and shelters in his area. 

Belarus’s popularity and lovely personality helped raise over $12,000 for other abandoned animals. 

Who would have thought that this cat’s life would turn around, and he would get so lucky? Well, miracles happen to those who believe, and I’m glad Belarus found a loving home.

If you want to keep up with Belarus and his good work, then follow him on his Instagram profile, along with over 397k other followers. I’m sure he’ll brighten up your day, every day!

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