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20 Pictures Of Spoiled Cats Living Their Best Feline Lives

20 Pictures Of Spoiled Cats Living Their Best Feline Lives

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Let’s face it, us cat lovers would do just about anything for our furry friends. I’m a proud cat mom to six little furballs, and I’d move mountains for them. And guess what? I’m not the only one!

I’ve rounded up 20 amazing photos showing just how pampered these cats can actually be. Want some inspiration for treating your own cat? Just scroll down and take a look!

1. Living The Dream

Imagine being a cat, lounging on your very own cat tree on your human’s apartment balcony. Bliss!

2. Spa Day With Dad 

I swear, this is the cutest thing ever. Nobody can spoil you like your dad!

cat with man on spa
Credit: Tiktok

3. Doll Bathtub Snooze

This cat’s human has a daughter who, like any other kid, loves to play with dolls. Looks like the girl and this kitty share similar interests…

cat in bath
Credit: Reddit

4. King Of The Jungle

Meet Wolfie, reigning supreme over the most epic cat tree you’ve ever seen.

cat on the top of the tree
Credit: wolfie_smiles

5. These Owners Built A Loft For Their Spoiled Furbabies 

I mean, why wouldn’t they? Anything for our precious fluffs, right?

cat above the doors
Credit: Reddit

6. I Think These Cats Might Be Spoiled…

An outdoor experience without the outdoor dangers. Sounds like a great idea to me!

cats playing in the yard
Credit: Imgur

7. This Owner Bought Kids Camping Chairs For His Cats

It’s no secret that our feline friends love to go on outdoor adventures with us. So, having some camping chairs on hand is a great idea, indeed. 

cats on the porch in chairs
Credit: Old.reddit

8. One Whisker Sour, Please!

Apparently, this fabulous feline loves to have a cocktail with her owner whenever she does. Her drink needs to be served in this festive glass, or she would meow her little heart out. 

All I can say is I hope she’s old enough to be drinking…

cat drinking margarita
Credit: Old.reddit

9. This Spoiled Fluff Has Her Own Laptop. How Epic Is That?

Everybody knows that cats love to bother their owners, especially if they’re working on their laptops. Giving them their own laptop is actually brilliant! I wish I thought of this sooner myself. 

cat on the bed with laptop
Credit: Old.reddit

10. A King Size Bed For His Royal Highness

A cozy bed by the fireplace? Talk about a pampered pet!

11. This Kitty Has Her Own Purrsonal Human Holder

According to her owner, this kitty loves to watch bin men. Since there’s nothing near the window for her to climb on top of and have a better vision, her owner needs to hold her until the bin men are gone. 

cat looking through the window
Credit: Old.reddit

12. From A Feral Feline To A Spoiled Indoor Fluff With Her Own Stroller

Ravishing indoor life looks good on this ex-feral fluff. Don’t you agree?

cat in baby chair
Credit: Reddit

13. Spoiled And Clingy – All At Once!

Here’s another kitty who loves to bother her human as she’s working on her computer. Aren’t cats the best roommates?

cat on woman's back
Credit: Old.reddit

14. Just A Spoiled Kitty. With His iPad. In His Yurt. 

Is it really necessary to say anything about this cat? She’s got it all!

cat watching tablet in a tent
Credit: Imgur

15. This Cat Dad Made A Bed Frame For His Furbaby 

One thing is certain: Cat dads know no bounds when it comes to pampering their fluffs.

cat on little bed
Credit: Old.reddit

16. The Ultimate Cat Room

This kitty’s got a room that’s better than most kids’ rooms! It doesn’t get more spoiled than this.

cat in her minni house
Credit: Reddit

17. Hot Tub Lounging

This cat loves to float in her “boat” in the hot tub. She definitely knows how to relax in style!

cat floating in the plastic
Credit: Old.reddit

18. Her Grandma Crocheted A Couch For Her!

Grandma’s love is unmatched! 

cat relaxing on purple sofa
Credit: Imgur

19. Purrtector Of The Realm!

All I can say is that I’ll definitely bend the knee for this kitty.

funny cat on throne chair
Credit: Old.reddit

20. Just Another Home Renovation Project – For A Cat!

Making our homes cat-friendly is just what we do for our furry family members. 

cat enjoying the home
Credit: Old.reddit

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