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What This Unusual Kitten Had Turned Into Left Everyone In Awe

What This Unusual Kitten Had Turned Into Left Everyone In Awe

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Some mother cats tend to abandon their kittens for various reasons, and such was the fate of this tiny but unusual-looking kitten.

The kitten was abandoned by his mother, but he got lucky when a kind-hearted girl found him and refused to leave him there all alone.

She gently scooped the kitten and took him to the local shelter, hoping he would receive all the help he needed, including a chance for a better life. 

However, upon his arrival, everyone at the shelter was surprised by his unique silver-gray coat color.

unusual kitten
Credit: YouTube

The Dakin Humane Society in Massachusetts explains that a fever or stress coat is a rare phenomenon occurring when an adult cat experiences illness or stress during pregnancy, leading to a change in her body temperature. The experts shared:

“During feline gestation, the developing fetus goes through many changes as they grow. Prior to birth, the pigmentation of a kitten’s coat is very sensitive to heat. If a mom cat experiences a fever due to illness or prolonged stress, it has the potential to affect the developing pigment of her kittens’ fur.”

Importantly, this striking coat doesn’t negatively impact the kitten’s health. As they grow, kittens usually develop their true coat color, which is written in their DNA.

close-up photo of the kitten
Credit: YouTube

This unique silver kitten stayed at the shelter until Ashley and her boyfriend came to visit. They instantly fell in love with him. But what truly touched the couple’s hearts was the fact that the kitten liked them too. 

On their way home, the kitten snuggled under Ashley’s shirt, patiently waiting to see his new fur-ever home. 

kitten sleeping
Credit: YouTube

The kitten quickly adjusted to his new home and chose Ashley’s shoulder as his favorite spot. He brought endless joy and love to his humans, expressing gratitude for giving him a chance for a better life.

But, what happened after a few months left everyone surprised. This silver kitten with a black face transformed into a solid black feline with a tiny white patch on his chest.

photo of black cat
Credit: YouTube

The kitten might change the coat color to the one that was written in his DNA, but he remained a lovely and affectionate feline, ready to continue blossoming in his new life!

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