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Woman Hears An Unusual Sound Coming From A Tennis Court And Makes A Shocking Discovery

Woman Hears An Unusual Sound Coming From A Tennis Court And Makes A Shocking Discovery

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If you have a cat that likes to explore the outdoors, you know the horrifying feeling when they don’t return home on time.

I was worried sick when my cat Tilly went out and about to explore, and didn’t come back that night. The next morning I found her sleeping in our shed, but that night she gave me a little heart attack.

tangled cat
Credit: Facebook

Today’s story is about a cat whose curiosity led her into a life-threatening situation, leaving her human parents worried.

Rose Rosarrin was driving around her neighborhood, not assuming her night was about to become a rescue mission.

She stopped her car at the traffic light, with her windows rolled down. At that moment, Rose and her friend heard an unusual sound coming from a nearby tennis court.

cat tangled in court net
Credit: Facebook

At first, they didn’t think much of it, but once they kept driving Rose couldn’t stop thinking about what seemed to be a call for help. She turned her car around and decided to investigate further.

Together with her friend, Rose entered the tennis court and that’s when she heard a desperate scream.

The two girls ran across the court and soon discovered something shocking. In one of the nets, a gorgeous white cat was tangled, unable to make a single move.

cat getting help
Credit: Facebook

Rose remembered she had a pair of scissors in her car and she rushed to bring them. Once they approached the cat, they realized it was not a stray. 

This sweetheart belonged to someone, and her parents were probably waiting for her to come back home.

Rose immediately started cutting through the net, desperately trying to free the cat. However, they soon realized the little fuzzball was probably trying to wiggle herself out for hours, which caused the net to tangle in the most unimaginable ways.

cat getting untangled
Credit: Facebook

Luckily, the cat seemed to be alright with no visible injuries. While her friend was trying to hold the cat tightly, Rose was cutting through the net. 

The poor cat was terrified, still trying to wiggle her way out on her own. With Rose’s determination the last piece of net was cut, and the cat was finally free. 

cat lying on the ground
Credit: Facebook

Once she realized nothing was holding her back anymore, the cat bolted across the street. 

I’m so glad Rose decided to turn her car around and investigate the unusual noise further. Thanks to her, a beloved cat found her way back home to her parents.

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