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Unwanted Cat Finally Finds His Forever Home And Lives The Life He Deserves

Unwanted Cat Finally Finds His Forever Home And Lives The Life He Deserves

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This cat, named Valentino, is healthy, cuddly, and actually very beautiful, after everything he’s been through. He loves his new home and his new forever human mom. 

I still can’t believe that no one wanted to touch him before, and it truly took a lot of hard work to give Valentino the life he has today.

He is brave and affectionate, and when looking at him you wouldn’t believe all the terrible things he’s been through. 

After hearing his story, it seems unbelievable that he’s been through all of that and is now happy and healthy.

photo of Valentino as a healthy kitty

Valentino used to live, in agony, in a pet shelter. This poor cat had sarcoptic mange so severe that he wasn’t able to open his eyes.

photo of Valentino and his owner

Microscopic mites had infested his skin and his face was left with a crusty rash that irritated him. Valentino was in an enormous amount of pain and overall irritation. He was so weak, sore, and itchy, he couldn’t even meow.

Valentino with severe sercoptic mange

People considered his mange to be infectious and contagious, so no one would even touch him. This makes my heart ache…

Valentino was stressed and irritated, and the fact that no one would even touch him crushed this poor cat’s spirit. He wasn’t getting anything to get his dopamine levels up, even for a little bit.

close-up photo of infected Valentino

Nothing could motivate him to go on… until Elaine Seamans came into the shelter. 

She has got many sick animals, and animals in need of help, the medical care they needed. Once she met Valentino, she knew what to do.

infected Valentino screams in pain

Elaine was shocked by Valentino’s appearance when she first saw him. She immediately rushed and opened the door to his cage, and he stood up and almost fell as he walked towards her.

healthy valentino rolls on his back

Elaine ignored the mange and picked Valentino up to give him the hug he so desperately needed. Finally, Valentino’s life was in good hands…

Leave No Paws Behind is a rescue group that offered to take the cat in and provide him with the treatment he needed. It wasn’t easy, because Valentino was suffering from a severe case of mange. 

photo of Valentino during healing stage

However, little by little, his condition started to improve. At last, Valentino was surrounded by people who loved him and were doing the best they could to make him feel better. 

Valentino’s health got better, but he was also feeling a lot better! His fur grew back, he opened his eyes, and he started loving the life that was ahead. Soon, he was adopted, and moving to his foster home was the best thing for him.

healthy Valentino enjoys his new life

He enjoys his new home and new family, and they love him. Valentino is a sweet cat with a loving heart and he has so much love to offer. 

Ultimately, Tania Menjivar, Valentino’s foster mom, realized she wasn’t supposed to foster him anymore… she was meant to adopt him!

photo of valentino and his canine friend

Valentino became a true member of Tania’s family and it is essential that he remains that way. Valentino is now living the dream. He is loved, healthy, and happy. He’s been through a long and tough journey and is now enjoying his life and his furever home. He deserved it!

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