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Little Boy’s Kindness Saves An Unwanted Senior Cat From A Life Of Loneliness

Little Boy’s Kindness Saves An Unwanted Senior Cat From A Life Of Loneliness

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We all know that the number of abandoned and stray cats always increases. While young, adorable kittens get adopted, older cats are hopelessly left in shelters.

However, this story here is different, thanks to this kind-hearted young gentleman. Easton is a young boy whose mother promised him to adopt a new pet friend into their family. Everyone thought he’d choose a kitten, but he surprised everyone. 

Among all the cats and kittens in the shelter, Easton adopted Tiny, a 10-year-old giant ginger cat from the Exploits Valley SPCA.

a smiling boy holds an adopted cat on his lap
Source: Facebook

Before Easton, Tiny’s chances of getting adopted after losing his home were low. Despite his sweet personality, nobody wanted him because he was old and overweight.

But, the moment Easton saw Tiny for the first time, he knew he needed to take Tiny home.

His mom explained that Tiny’s affectionate and loving personality won Easton’s heart. He didn’t care about his age or weight, instead, he was more interested in his soul. She said:

“Easton loved Tiny because Tiny loved him. He was never withdrawn around him from the second he saw him.”

Tiny and Easton quickly bonded and became best friends. When they got home from the shelter, Tiny got out of his carrier and immediately snuggled next to Easton. He didn’t care about anyone else but Easton, and he was happy.

a smiling boy feeds a cat
Source: Facebook

To some people, this story may not be impressive, as cats get adopted almost every day. But to me, it’s very special, and I think this young boy knows better than most of us.

According to the ASPCA, older animals are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized, especially in overcrowded shelters. 

So, by adopting Tiny, Easton didn’t only get a new friend, but also saved Tiny’s life. He taught everyone a lesson that a cat’s age and physical appearance shouldn’t be the main factors when adopting a pet. 

He chose Tiny for his lovely personality, and he knows that Tiny will bring love and joy to him and his family.

a boy hugs an adopted cat in bed
Source: Facebook

Finally, let this heartwarming story be a reminder for the next time when you decide to adopt a new pet. Remember that there are many benefits of adopting a shelter cat, especially senior ones. 

Next time, look for the senior cat with inner beauty and give it a chance to at least enjoy its last moments in a loving home.

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