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Utah Couple Purchases A New House And Unexpectedly Inherits The Seller’s Cat Named Loki

Utah Couple Purchases A New House And Unexpectedly Inherits The Seller’s Cat Named Loki

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Tori Taillac and Alex Kravets, a couple in Salt Lake City, Utah, just discovered their perfect home. 

And guess what? They also found a surprise furry friend! People really enjoyed seeing how they welcomed a new cat into their family in a unique way – and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

beautiful gray cat
Source: TikTok

While many people focus on the amenities and appliances when buying a home, Tori and Alex had a different priority in mind – they wanted a cat. 

They had just moved from Washington D.C. and were longing for a breathtaking mountain view. 

However, they also had a deep desire to have a furry friend by their side. Little did they expect that their dream home would fulfill both of these wishes.

Love At First Meow

cute cat standing on a tiles
Source: TikTok

During a tour of a potential home, something magical happened. As they were enjoying the breathtaking mountain views, a friendly cat named Loki appeared and greeted them with a playful saunter.

Loki wasn’t just an ordinary house cat; he was incredibly outgoing. It’s safe to say that Tori instantly fell in love with Loki’s charm and couldn’t resist bringing him into their lives, as she shared for Fox News Digital:

“He rolled onto his back, looking for rubs. So, I’m all into petting this cat – and that night we made an offer on the home.”

A Tour With A Twist

woman holding beautiful cat
Source: TikTok

When they were doing the final inspection of the house, Tori jokingly mentioned wanting to keep the cat. 

The seller didn’t plan on leaving his beloved pet behind, but he expressed his worries about Loki adjusting to a smaller space after they moved. As Tori mentioned:

“He said he thought Loki would prefer to stay in this house because he (the owner) was going to be downsizing. He (Loki) loves to be outside and he is always chasing lizards.”

An Unexpected Deal

owner and beautiful white cat
Source: TikTok

This conversation led to something unexpected. During the negotiations, the couple asked for some money back for repairs, and the seller offered a lower price. 

But here’s the twist – he also suggested including Loki and some air purifiers in the deal! Tori continued:

“On the seller’s counter offer to ours, he dropped the price down. But he said, ‘I’ll include the cat and the air purifiers.'”

This was a new experience for Tori’s realtor, Crystal Richardson, who had never seen a cat being part of a real estate transaction before.

A New Beginning

man and beautiful cat
Source: TikTok

Now, Loki is really happy in his home and with his new family. He’s still getting used to everything, but he’s already becoming friends with the couple’s dog, Marcus. Marcus is a fun and playful mix of a Shiba Inu and a mini Australian Shepherd. 

Later, the couple made a TikTok video about how they adopted Loki, and it became viral. 

Lots of people loved hearing Loki’s story, but some were worried about why his owner gave him away. 

Tori made another video to explain that she thinks the owner just wanted Loki to be in a place where he could have more adventures and be happy, as she shared:

“I think he was doing what he thought was best for the cat.”

While it’s not something you see every day, I’m glad Loki is doing well. It seems the seller truly cared about finding the right fit for him, and it sounds like he’s found a loving family who will love him no matter what.

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