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A Kitty With An Injured Leg Was Brought To Be Put Down But The Vet Had A Better Idea

A Kitty With An Injured Leg Was Brought To Be Put Down But The Vet Had A Better Idea

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Most people would rather ignore or euthanize an injured cat than take responsibility and help it. Sadly, that’s the easiest way out. But, there are a few people who choose to do the opposite.

This beautiful orange kitty was brought to the vet with a wounded leg to be put down, but veterinary surgeon Dr. Matt McGlasson had different ideas.

Several people noticed a gorgeous orange cat with a wounded leg, while they were feeding stray cats. The kitty captured their hearts, and they knew they had to do something.

Soon, they realized the cat was in great pain, and they didn’t want him to suffer any longer. After thinking for a while, they decided that it would be best to take him to the vet and euthanize him.

veterinarian with cat

Fortunately, Dr. McGlasson, a highly experienced veterinary surgeon, knew that wasn’t the only way. He had better ideas that would help the cat and give him a second chance in life. He said:

“My staff knows I have a soft spot for cats – we actually rescued and treated kittens during COVID when our kids were completing school from home. They requested that the customer sign over the cat to me.”

After examining the cat, he realized that there was no need to put down the cat. He believed that he could help the cat and then find him a fur-ever home.

Dr. McGlasson named the sweet furry boy Nemo and started treating him. Unfortunately, Nemo’s leg was severely injured and had to be amputated. 

But, Nemo was in good hands, so the surgery went well and everyone was happy to help him adjust to life as a three-legged cat.

veterinarian holding a cat

During his recovery, Nemo was grateful to everyone for helping him and taking such good care of him.

Even Dr. McGlasson bonded with him and said:

“He is the sweetest cat you’d ever meet. He cares for everyone.”

Dr. McGlasson was very sorry for not being in a position to adopt Nemo, despite their bond and Nemo’s sweet and caring personality. The vet already had several cats at home.

But, Nemo’s luck didn’t run out. One of the vet techs immediately fell in love with him and decided to provide him with a loving forever home.

Dr. McGlasson happily shared the news with his followers:

“He’s doing fantastic. He enjoys being a home cat and travels well on three legs.”

This is another story with a happy ending that will warm your heart, and I can’t get enough of them. 

Nemo went from being a cat that was brought in to be put down to a happy three-legged cat living in his fur-ever home. It’s all thanks to this kind-hearted vet who knew exactly what to do, and people who agreed that Nemo deserved a chance to live a happy life!

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