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Vet Warns About ‘Dangerous’ Christmas Lights Pet Trend

Vet Warns About ‘Dangerous’ Christmas Lights Pet Trend

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The Christmas season is truly a magical time of the year, but it’s also a season when our furry companions require a little extra attention. 

Some of those twinkling Christmas decorations can pose a real danger to our feline friends. 

That’s why it’s important to consider using cat-proof Christmas trees and cat-safe decorations to keep our pets safe and sound.

However, a new trend appeared on TikTok in which Dr. Anna Foreman, an in-house vet, warns pet owners worldwide.

A TikTok trend has emerged where pet owners are taking their furry pals for car rides to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights, and these videos have been racking up millions of views.

It’s wonderful to see folks across the USA embracing the festive spirit and wanting to include their pets in the celebration. However, it’s crucial to remember that this might not be entirely safe for our four-legged companions.

One TikTok user, sadietheoneeyedcat, shared a video of her cat Sadie sitting in the front passenger seat, enjoying a ride through the Christmas lights in Bowling Green, southern Kentucky. 

The video went viral, gaining over 12.6 million views. However, Dr. Foreman couldn’t help but comment and warn about this trend, saying:

“I would not recommend following this trend – though visiting Christmas lights with your cat seems innocent, subjecting them to long periods of time in the car can be dangerous, especially if they are anxious or not used to long car journeys.”

What Dr. Foreman is highlighting here is that it’s not just about the Christmas lights; it’s more about those extended car trips, which can make our pets feel sick and anxious, especially if they’re not used to them.

cat looking at christmas lights

Moreover, our pets aren’t aware of Christmas and the changes it brings. Some cats may not appreciate the noise, colors, and crowds associated with visiting Christmas lights, for instance. Dr. Foreman added:

“Pet owners need to think very carefully about the potential consequences these viral trends can have on their beloved pets, as so many can cause psychological or physical harm.”

But this trend wasn’t limited to just one video. Many TikTok users shared videos of their cats and dogs enjoying Christmas lights, gaining lots of views in the process. 

close-up photo of cat and christmas lights

Seeing this, Dr. Foreman explained the signs that might indicate your pet is uncomfortable with the lights:

“Pets who are uncomfortable or struggling to cope with a situation, such as the change in house decoration around Christmas, tend to hide away to remove themselves. They may also become aggressive, particularly if they feel trapped or cornered – for example, if an owner were to force them to remain in a situation or interfere with them hiding away.”

It’s essential to remember that each of our pets is unique. Some may not enjoy noise, crowds, or other pets, especially if they weren’t introduced to these things at a young age.

cat playing with christmas lights

Such pets might face difficulties later on and may become anxious or aggressive when confronted with something new. Dr. Foreman emphasized:

“For this reason, it is vital to expose animals in a controlled and positive fashion to new phenomena when young.”

After reading Dr. Foreman’s advice, sadietheoneyedcat, the owner of the viral video, shared that her feline friend Sadie is five years old and quite accustomed to extended car rides, even plane travel. She assured everyone:

“She doesn’t get sick, anxious, nor does she use the bathroom in her carrier. She’s very good in the car as an experienced motor vehicle and momentary aircraft passenger.”

This TikTok user also explained that her feline friend Sadie is quite comfortable around all sorts of lights, which serve as perfect entertainment for her curious and friendly cat. 

photo of cat with christmas tree in background

However, she agreed with Dr. Foreman when it comes to cats who haven’t been properly introduced to lights and similar experiences, adding:

“This isn’t for every pet and I can agree with Dr. Foreman in that sense, however, Sadie is very loved and the best-case scenario for a Christmas light adventure. A real animal lover, a cat lover, and owner most likely knows their cat’s personality enough to know if they can handle a car ride.”

While Sadie’s owner understands the importance of Dr. Foreman’s advice, she’s certain that her beloved feline is completely fine with this type of activity.

cat wearing a red bow

FRIENDLY REMINDER: So, for all the cat parents out there, remember that your cat’s well-being is the most important. 

If your cat isn’t used to lights, noises, crowds, and the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s best not to push them into these stressful situations.

On the other hand, if your feline is sociable, friendly, and loves to be by your side wherever you go, why not include them in your Christmas festivities? 

After all, is there a better way to spend the holiday season than with your beloved furry friend right by your side?

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