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Why Do Cats Mate In February? Here’s The Answer

Why Do Cats Mate In February? Here’s The Answer

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February is a month full of many different interesting events, not only for us humans but also for our cats, as it turns out that cats often mate in February.

When I go to bed, I usually have difficulty sleeping in February because all I can hear is the constant meowing, growling, hissing, and similar vocalizations by stray cats. 

You have probably noticed when cats mate, and it looks like their mating season is more intense in February than at any other time. But, why is that so? Stay right there, ’cause here’s the answer. 

Cats are polyoestrous animals, which means they can come into heat several times in a year, and they’ll be in heat until they mate and get pregnant. However, cats come into heat every year around February until October, and they typically have several cycles that are 2–3 weeks apart.

the ginger cat making love to white cat

Therefore, the reason why they mate in February, or why you may notice it more around that time is because that’s the time of the year when female cats come into heat. This is especially important information for those who have outdoor cats and want to protect them and prevent accidental litters.

So, ‘heat’ is the season when a female cat can get pregnant as it’s fertile. It’s interesting that female cats come into heat at only 4–12 months old. They’ll come into heat around February and will be in it until they get pregnant.

During the mating season, you will often notice cats meowing loudly, growling, hissing, fighting (especially males), and similar signs. However, if you want to protect your cats, then the best thing you can do is to spay/neuter them. 

Vet surgery neutering a cat on the veterinary clinic

These procedures are very beneficial. Not only will they reduce this mating behavior in cats and prevent possible injuries and accidents, but they will also reduce the risk of possible health issues that cats can have. 

If you don’t want to do that, then you should keep your kitty indoors during this period, and separate from unspayed male cats.

While you can’t control outdoor cats and keep them quiet while you’re trying to get some sleep, at least you can control your pet cats. Just have them spayed/neutered and hopefully, you can fall asleep without being disturbed by their weird behavior during the mating season.

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